Sunday, February 10, 2013

{Back to} Meal Planning

In an attempt to keep up with some of my newest {and technically older if you've been around these parts for a while} resolutions  I am getting back into meal planning. I love budgeting and finding deals in my area and going out to eat {I mean isn't that more fun and tasty than cleaning up and cooking for yourself?!} but even if I do find deals when dining out, hubs and I are trying to save for a house right now, and that means I need to curve my appetite for going out and have to plan ahead, again.

Enter: emeals. Krystal actually told me about them a year or so ago thanks to a Groupon or similar promo she had received. I didn't sign up then, however. Now that I am trying to save as much extra cash as possible AND watch what I shove into my pie-hole more consciously, I have found that emeals will be the tool to help me us.

I am really trying to lose weight {again, le sigh} and while I am not all back in to counting carbs, Jason is. And it's easier for me to plan for both of us throughout the week if I make us the same meals, so currently I am following their meal plan for low carb diets for our dinner. I am just adding my own healthy grains for breakfast or lunch as well.

I like that our weekly meal plan offers recipes, and a shopping list so I don't need as much time to plan.

For Valentines' Day, I don't plan on eating all low carb and emeals is offering a promo; when you sign up now, you will also be able to download a FREE Valentine's Meal Plan, which I like, because I don't have to really search and scramble for something to make Mr. C.

Get in my belly
Right now, if you sign up for emeals, you can save 10% when you join by using the promo code: HEART

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  1. I can't survive without prepping and meal planning. Looks like a neat tool! And the cake? HELLO.

  2. we are trying really hard to maintain the meal planning. when we don't have a plan we got out way too much!!!