Monday, October 22, 2012


Helllllo loveys! So I know I just changed my name on this blog and that's all that will currently change...BUT if you live in Tampa Bay, I started a 2nd blog on WordPress! I'm trying to become more versatile and learn both blog platforms. So far, WP kind of kicks my ass...but I am learning and hopefully it will get better the more I use it.

Now WHY did I start a 2nd blog, you may be asking? Because I need a hobby. I love to go out, eat out, shop, etc etc but like I have mentioned several bazillion times, hubs and I are on a budget (um, aren't we all?) and I have become somewhat passionate about finding the next best deal...

If you don't live in Tampa (but you love ME), feel free to like my facebook page and/or check out the new blog! Pretty, pretty please!

My new blog is: and my tag line is: Caviar Dreams on a Fishstick Budget

...because if you've been reading long enough, you know I like to live the good life but not for a lot of monies!

I still love Newlywed Nichole/ Casa de Crews and have found so many friends (real life and online) through this personal blog o' mine that I couldn't give it up, if I wanted to. It's my baby and I love it...I'll just let my random thoughts continue to flow freely here, hope ya'll don't mind ;-)

Tell me, what do you think of my newest "project"?!



  1. I'm excited to check out your new blog! And ah yes wordpress...I've been debating a switch.

  2. Congrats on the new blog! So funny that I was listening to Bubba and heard about the lime and then saw your tweet that took me to the new blog!