Sunday, October 21, 2012

Exclusive News about The Lime {Tampa}

Have you been to The Lime? I have (but sadly, it's been a while ::shame on me::) and I love it, there! Truth be told, I tend to avoid it on the weekends as it gets PACKED  (because clearly, a lot of people enjoy The Lime) and because for the 100th time, I love a good deal. And The Lime has quite a few awesome promos throughout the week. They have so many awesome weekly specials, that I don't even know where to begin. I take that back, let's start at the beginning.

Monday: $10 Margaronas (have you seen those babies?!) and $5 Margaritas  

Photo used with permission from The Lime's Facebook

Tuesday: $2 Tacos y Coronas; need I say more?! 

Photo used with permission from The Lime's Facebook
 Wednesdays: Ladies Night (starting at 5pm) 2 for 1 skinny patron margaritas (those could get you in trouble the next day at work, but they might just be worth it at that price!) 

Thursday: Half off tapas (I love tapas, but I digress) 

Friday/Saturdays: free.tequila.shots. (after 10pm)

Photo used with permission from The Lime's Facebook
 Can I tell you what my most fave thing is at The Lime? A Margarona first and their avocado fries, second.

Photo used with permission from The Lime's Facebook
 So why am I telling you all about The Lime? Well, first to let you know that even though this modern, tasty, and trendy spot is located on South Howard (SoHo) and therefore may cause you to think your night out will be anything but inexpensive (um, it won't be!), also to let you know The Lime is asking for YOUR help! Unbeknownst to them, a large national chain trademarked the name “The Lime” and now our Tampa "The Lime" will be changing their name. Instead of just doing that, they have come up with a way better idea: they are asking for the local community and their supporters to help rename The Lime! NOT only are they asking for new names from YOU, but the winner will win $1,000 gift card to the Ciccio Restaurant Group to the person who comes up with the best idea! $1,000? That's a lot of avocado fries and margaronas!! 

 To enter, visit The Lime's Facebook page and click on the Rename the Lime app or visit And if you win, I expect a dinner invite with your fab new gift card. I'm just sayin'...  

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  1. I'm so entering this and we need to get together asap and get some margaronas ;-)