Tuesday, October 16, 2012

No longer a newlywed: name change

Welp, the time has come to change my blog name! Hubs and I just passed the eighteen month mark of marriage (can you believe?!) and while I  still seem to call myself a "newlywed", we're just...not. I'll take newish-wed but I digress...

{Eighteen months, and counting}

I still will blog about everyday ish, life as a wife and everything in between. But since getting married is what initially inspired me to start this thing, it's only natural that I'd like to include Jason in my blog, still somehow...

Our last name is always spelled incorrectly by others. We live in Florida and a lot of people either assume our last name is spelled, "Cruz", like we are Latin or "Cruise", like Tom, also a scientologist (and we live close to the like mecca of Scientology, folks), so once upon a time ago I started to say, "Things are crazy at Casa de Crews", and now our friends sometimes say they're coming to "Casa de Crews", as well...

So I'm still here as Nichole; blogging about life, love and everythinng else that randomly pops into my head...

The ONLY thing that seems to be difficult is actually changing my URL name; Blogger has made some recent changes and every.time. I try and change it, I get an error message. Does anyone know how to help me?! If I can't fix it, I may just chuck my laptop across the room!

So tell me, what do you think of the new name?!

The Crews'


  1. love the new name, very cute!

  2. Love the new name! Super cute!

  3. I noticed the name change the other day. I love it! And about the url...ug I had so much trouble with mine. I suggest digging through the blogger help forums.

  4. I love the new name!! It fits. :)

  5. love the new name! I've been meaning to change my name too since I'm no longer a newlywed! I just don't have any ideas :(

  6. i think it's cute and perfect!!! :)

  7. I like it! If you figure out how to change your URL, lemme know! :)