Thursday, October 4, 2012

For the love of...WINE

This past Saturday was my first winery experience, ya'll. The bestie's cousin was visiting from New Jersey and we (along with several of their family members and friends!) decided we'd see what this local winery was all about. If you live in the Tampa Bay area, you should go and visit Murielle Winery in Clearwater, kids.

I really didn't know what to expect. We have a few local winerys' in Florida but I wasn't sure what we would see. This winery is located in an office park and at first glance I thought, "this is it?" But if you give me free wine, I will automatically like you. Plus they bring their dogs to work; another point for Murielle.

The owners, Michael & Janine are such a sweet couple. She is more chatty about everything else and he knows all there is to know about WINE. They were a cute couple whose personalities complimented each other very well. I hope if J and I ever own a business together we are adorable like them.

The winery itself  seemed small (but I have nothing to compare it to, so what do I know?) but they seem to do okay and we were told they had been there since 1996 (if I recall correctly, I mean I did have several pours of wine!) and were only the sixth winery in the state of Florida so clearly bigger isn't always better, folks.
Learning how wine is made
Barell o' wine
The wines were very sweet, some were a little too sweet for my taste but my friends loved it so, to each their own! My three faves were the Three Berry Shiraz, Bing Cherry Cabernet Sauvignon, and the Green Apple Reisling; YUM! If you're in the area, stop by on a Saturday you won't be sad you did.
Bestie and I sampling wine
Have you ever visited a winery? What did you think?



  1. I have been wanting to visit a winery. We haven't been since moving to Florida. I'll have to check this one out!

  2. We should go to the Keel and Curley winery sometime. My sil has been and says its awesome.

  3. I love wineries! Especially when they have dogs there. Two of my favorite things in one place :)

  4. I need to check tis place out and love your top :-)

  5. I LOVE going to wineries! We have quite a few in NJ, and we're actually going to one with friends this weekend! I'm excited because it's their Fall Harvest and we'll get to stomp on grapes! Shiraz is probably my fave kind. That Green Apple Riesling sounds delicious!! I'm so happy you enjoyed it!

  6. Wineries are so fun to visit, and wine tasting is the best thing. I'm from Washington and I lived 20 minutes from two different wineries, and it was awesome...but those had their own vineyards and everything! So if you're ever in the Seattle area...let me know and I'll point you in their direction. ;-)

  7. Green Apple Riesling sounds amazing! The only winery I've ever been to in Fla. is the Florida Orange Groves and Winery by Treasure Island Beach. Their stuff is pretty good!

  8. Wheeeeeee we have a bing cherry of theirs in our wine cabinet! We went before the wedding because we were thinking about buying some mini bottles as favors and tasted them. They were so nice there, good day trip! =]

  9. you had me at Green Apple Reisling...omg yum!