Sunday, October 14, 2012

Outback Steakhouse: Small Plates

This past Thursday I was able to kick off my four day weekend (more on that later) with a delish dinner at Outback Steakhouse to try something new. Thanks to Yelp (seriously join Yelp, people), the little sis, cousin, my pal Emilee, and I (as well as fifty or so other Yelpers), were able to experience a new concept Outback is testing out. Fortunately for me, the Outback Steakhouse near me was one of only two Outback's nation-wide introducing a small-plates concept and unique drinks as a part of their new menu!

Their new concept goes a little something like this: small plates offered in the bar area for a lesser price than a meal (obviously because their small plates) where you can hang with pals, catch up and/or have a decent after work happy hour without spending a ton of loot. The plates are priced anywhere from $6-$9. I think its a great deal, everyone can order a plate and sample from one anothers' bites while enjoying a cocktail or three two.

I already love Outback and when I found out this Yelp event was SO close to home, I knew I was in like Flynn. What a great night!

Per my invite, the menu consisted of:
- Garlic Pepper Shrimp
- Diablo
- Wellington
- Chicken Bites
- Short Rib Nachos
- Sample lollipops
-Cucumber margarita
- Wild Tea
- Fruit Tini
- House White wine
- House Red wine
- Fosters
The food was tasty and seeing as I am already a fan of the small plates/tapa style concept, this was a win all the way around. I l.o.v.e.d the beef wellington and could not get enough of the chicken bites! You would think something as simple as chicken bites wouldn't be so exciting, but they were. I made sure to get a few samples of that dish. Then again, the slider I sampled was the perfect bite, too. The Diablo (steak skewers over a crostini) was also pretty ah-mazing. So basically I loved it all. The only thing I wasn't too sure about were the short rib nachos, they weren't bad but I wasn't in lust either.



{one of the best beef sliders I have ever had}

{Short Rib Nachos}

The drinks, they were a-flowin'! I tried the Cucumber Margarita and found it quite refreshing, but did switch to the Blackberry Sangria and it was SO tasty, a little on the sweet side but if this is on the menu regularly, I'll be ordering it in the future! The sister loved the Wild Tea and said that is something she will be ordering again when we dine at Outback Steakhouse. Emilee and cuz' had the fruit tini and said they were also great...
{Cucumber Margarita}

{Blackerry Sangria!}

{Fruit Tini}
For dessert we had the above mentioned "lollipops"; cake pops on a stick. They were pretty good but a little too sweet for me. Also, I was way full and couldn't properly enjoy these treats and so as tough of a job as it is, I would totally be willing to try them. again.
I love all things free and we made sure to pick up some fun Yelp/Outback swag; Yelp shot glass, lip gloss, pens and mints...I was one happy and full kid!
I hope Outback introduces their new concept to other markets, soon. I think you all would enjoy their new bar menus.

What kind of small plates do you enjoy?



  1. That looks like so much fun! Off to join Yelp now!!

  2. yum. yum. yum. i had no idea yelp had events!

  3. What an awesome concept! I am all about the small plates!

  4. How fun would that be!!! Those drinks simply look A-mazing:) I be those cake pops were just as tasty!!

  5. how fun! I would definitely go to Outback just for their small plates if they roll that idea out nation-wide.

  6. I love the idea of small plates/being able to sample multiple things without breaking the bank! And you definitely need to go back to try out those cake pops. We're depending on you to tell us how they are. ;-)