Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Marriage is...

Marriage is your husband cleaning up after you have some crazy stomach bug that makes you throw up, not one, not two but THREE times in a row like youre Linda Blair, in The Exorcist. True.Story.

Sunday, Jason took me to my first NFL game and we had an awesome time (and the Bucs won!). I did have two beers but that was way  earlier in the day.

But once we got home, I started to feel sick and before I could stop it, I threw up, everywhere. Ya'll I was so embarrassed and kept apologizing to J, but he just told me to go to bed and he'd clean up. I'm still not feeling 100%, but having a partner like Jason, sure does help!

To me, that is true love and a real marriage.

What does marriage mean to you?



  1. That is so sweet of him!! I would have been embarrassed and apologetic too, haha...even though I know my husband would do the same!

    Marriage...aside from that...my husband is ALWAYS willing to go to the store, at any hour, for anything I want...Sprite for an upset stomach, Advil for a headache, candy for a craving...it's awesome.

    We got good ones :)

  2. I am happy for your sweet and loving husband but I am upset that y'all beat my panthers! :(

  3. How sweet. Sounds like you found yourself a winner :)

  4. That is sweet of him, hope you are feeling better!

  5. Oh no, that is the worst feeling. I hope you feel back to your good old self soon!

  6. What a great hubs! Since we as wives always feel like the caretakers of everyone, it's nice to have the roles reversed.