Sunday, September 16, 2012

Football, beetches

Truth be told, I am not big into football. It's weird because I love hockey and I love baseball but football, sort of confused me. I've been to plenty of USF games (GOOO Bulls!) but I really just went for the tailgating booze, but have never fully understood this game...

Last week, hubs took me to my first Tampa Bay Bucaneers game. Most of the time, the Bucs home games are blacked out because they don't sell at least eighty-five percent of their seats; our home opener was no exception. I wasn't expecting to see as many people as I did, though! Ray Jay was packed! The weather was gross all day so we brought ponchos and prepared for the worst...

Good things we brought those ponchos!

Lightning/Rain delay at half-time

Let me tell you all, I had a freaking.blast! Maybe it was because it was just the two of us (meaning no friends to distract me?), maybe because we won, maybe I am just finally getting into this sport...who knows? I enjoyed myself so much so, that I find myself watching the Bucs as I type this post and am finding myself really getting into the game (well and asking stoopid questions along the way, but I digress)...

Maybe this is a fluke and my interest will pass, maybe not. Either way, I'm enjoying these football Sundays! Bring it on, beetches...

Do you like football? Pro or college, more?



  1. I've been watching football for years, not of my own free will, but only because I've usually been surrounded by dudes who love it. Well, what has really gotten me into it over the past 4 years is participating in Fantasy Football. I find myself so engrossed in the competition of the FF that I actually enjoy watching just about ANY NFL game!! Now, I don't know how I could possibly watch without being in a FF league!!

  2. I LOVE football. I'm more of a college football person, but I'll turn on whatever is on. I love football season and count down towards it like a man. Thank goodness it's back! I'm glad you're starting to get into it. Today was a real stinker. Hopefully that's not the whole season turning that way.

  3. I didnt enjoy football until John got me to sign up for a fantasy team. Lol. I guess it helps that my team is really good and my QB is Aaron Rodgers. :-)

  4. I had a blast at the Bucs game too but I always have fun at the USF games so maybe I'm just used to it? The tailgating def helps haha!

  5. I WISH I liked football! I always feel like the odd (wo)man out because I have zero interest in it. Hockey is another story though :-)

  6. Haha I think Football is even better in person, I am a bigger fan of soccer but I can still enjoy a good game

  7. I grew up in a football and baseball family. It's not possible for us not to like it. :) i married a man obsessed with sports. Hope you keep enjoying it. Fantasy football can get you into it too...if you ever go there. :)