Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WIAW #1 {What I Ate Wednesday}

Happy Hump Day, kids! This is my last free Wednesday before I start the new job. Its been weird having this much time away from the working world, but it has been nice too; sleeping in, especially!

Since I am about to have a more regular routine again, I need to start back up on the ol' meal planning to stay on track. As you know, mostly I try to stay away from high carb/starchy foods and eat lower carbs (lean meats, veggies, good fats). Some days, I am really good at this and other days, I kinda suck. Soooo I thought a good way to help me stay accountable would be with a new link up I found.
Enter: What I Ate Wednesday!

Today, I'm blogging about yesterday's meal:



Breakfast: Ham & Cheddar Omelet. It has taken me forever to perfect an omelet. Sometimes, I still mess it up and then its just weird looking scrambled eggs. Still tastes good, so whatever.

Lunch: Greek salad with chicken (sans the usual potato salad that accompanies this dish). I make this dish, often. It is easy, fresh and there are plenty of leftovers! I've added and taken away a few things here and there but basically adapted this recipe from Rachael Ray, here.

Dinner: Tilapia Crusted Parmesan. Holy mother is this recipe GOOD. Jason usually makes the fish in our house, but he's been sick so I stole this recipe from Lane's blog and will sooo be making this one again.

I wish I could say every day, I ate this well. But that's not the case. Monday, I ate mini spaghetti-o's for dinner (leftovers from babysitting this weekend, and I was feeling lazy and uninspired to cook real dinner), but it is what it is.

What have you eaten lately?