Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A post about that husband of mine...

Soooo, as you all now know; the cat is outta the bag. My super smart husband is going to law school! The only reason we had to keep it a secret the way we did, was because we initially thought we were moving away from Tampa (and since my blog posts to my facebook page (where I am friends with a few of J's co-workers),  and couldn't share all that yet.

Here is the low down: Hubs changed career paths from an insurance adjuster to paralegal after a lay off four or so years ago. Once he started working for a law firm, he began entertaining the idea of going (back) to school to become an attorney. Jason won't be the traditional law student. A) He's not twenty-five, anymore (and you know he has a wife and real bills) B) He's still going to have to work full time and do the school thing part time (I mean, do you know  how much law school costs?!). So while he started talking about going, he took a bit of time to finally make the decision to apply (after taking the LSAT); plus, we had this thing called A WEDDING to plan.


This past fall he applied to three law schools within Florida. The hope was that we (yea, I know I'm not going to law school but the decision affects us both, so "we" applies here) would get into Stetson (about thirty miles from where we live). But Stetson is a tough school to get into. Jason had decent grades while he attended USF, but he got a general degree and didn't know then that he would want to go to law school so his chances weren't as high as other applicants.

The week he told me he had big news (a.k.a. our anniversary weekend) he was accepted to a law school in Jacksonville (four or so hours from Tampa). I was so excited and happy for him! I was ready for a new adventure if that meant J could do what he wanted as well. We went ahead and told both our families, Easter weekend and were ready for whatever was next. Oh but hey, I was unemployed and looking for a job in Tampa and all. What the hell was I going to do?!

The same week he was accepted to Jacksonville, Jason found out he got into Barry Law in Orlando (much closer to Tampa (and our families)). AND they offered him a really generous scholarship (based on his undergrad and LSAT score). So in a matter of three days; we were moving from Jacksonville to Orlando. Sheesh. Instead of looking for my dream job, I started looking for any job, to save money if we had to move. It became a little emotionally draining, for me!

Three more days go by and Jason finds out he was waitlisted to Stetson. The best of the three schools; local and also...expensive as all Hell. So we were either moving to Orlando...or staying here. Oh, and I was still going on countless job interviews for a job here, where we live now.

Jason could go with the flow, but I was becoming a tad stressed (tad, is probably an understatement).
Two weeks ago (and a day after we had paid a deposit for Barry Law, natch), Jason found out he was accepted to Stetson!! I'm so proud of him, ya'll. We literally spent that weekend going back and forth deciding what to do. It wasn't easy. That scholarship to Barry was very enticing. BUT Orlando is a lot more expensive of a place to live. I'd have to find another new job (after just accepting a job with a company I'm excited to work for) and if I'm being honest I am a momma's girl and my sister lives less than two miles from me and my bestie is only ten miles away. Plus, we like to help babysit Jason's niece & nephew when we can; and I like being a part of their lives.

So after much thinking, talking, questioning...we are staying right where we are. Its funny how things work out in the end, no matter what happens, isn't it?!

If Jason had only been accepted to Orlando or Jacksonville, then we'd have gone and I wouldn't have looked back. But in the end, Steston is the best of the three schools and since we'll both be working, its not like he'll talk out additional loans to live on. I see a lot of budgeting in our future but I'm looking forward to a new challenge. And I'm so proud of that husband of mine!

 Yea, that is my ah-mazing (and goofy) spouse. I love that nerd...



  1. Oh my gosh this is so awesome! Isn't it amazing the way things work out in the long run! I am so so happy for you and your husband!

  2. Yay!!! What a fun adventure! :)

  3. So exciting,good luck to your hubs(and you) on this next step in his career :-)

  4. Congratulations Nichole!! That's so exciting!

  5. So happy that you both get to stay!!! And that his dreams of being a lawyer are SO close to coming true now :)

  6. Sounds like it would be a bit stressful but congrats to your husband on such a great accomplishment!

  7. WOOHOO!! Congratulations to him!! :)
    I am a Stetson alumni (not from law school - but the main campus in DeLand) - small world!!
    I have quite a few friends who went there - but most of them have graduated already :)

    WOOHOO!! I am so psyched for him...more so probably because of Stetson love!!! ;) ;)

  8. When I was looking into law schools -- Stetson was def the best. Of course it's expensive but ... when he's a rich lawyer all that won't matter... right?! Congrats to him and you too! I mean this is a big step for y'all! I mean you aren't really going anywhere but having a spouse in law school is certainly going to be interesting! Woo woo!

  9. Darth Jcrew, Esq.June 5, 2012 at 10:10 PM

    You're husband sounds like an awesome, and handsome, fellow. You're quite the lucky gal. There's something Obi Wan never told you. I am your hubby!
    Nichole: ”Nooooooo!!! That's impossible!!”

    Nobody who reads this will get that.

    But I know I'm the lucky one to have you supporting my and making our corner of Tampa Bay a home. I love you so much. Mean it with all my heart.

  10. Congrats! My boyfriend is toying with the idea of going to law school too, so I can't wait to see how it works for you two.

  11. yay Jason!!! Sorry I am late on this one! I have been so busy, and doing some blog reading catch-up! I am so proud of him, and you on that job!