Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What I'm making {Pinterest Style!}

I started eating well again this week (after a solid three or four weeks of well, not) and that means I'm getting a tad more creative in the kitchen again and using pinterest more (more than I already do?!).

This is what I'm making at home:

Sausage & Zucchini Skillet
Source: NewlywedNichole via Nichole C on Pinterest

Shredded Buffalo Chicken (sans bun (over salad))
Source: via Nichole C on Pinterest

Low Carb Denver Omelet
Source: via Recipe-Kitchen on Pinterest

Chicken kebabs
Source: 24/7 Low Carb Diner via Brittany R on Pinterest

Cucumber Feta Rolls
Source: via Tiffany T on Pinterest

 Anyone else hungry?!


  1. oooh those chicken kebobs look so good!!! thanks for visiting my blog today and yes a big move is going to be very exciting even if its a little further off in the future! hope you have a wonderful hump day!

  2. Can I come over and have some cucumber feta rolls, please? :-)

  3. Those recipes look so good that they almost make you forget they are actually healthy! I'm definitely trying the kebabs! :)

  4. Oh yum! I'd especially love the buffalo chicken and the chicken kebabs. Those cucumber rolls look delish, but I'm not a feta fan. wonder what else I could stuff them with?!

  5. Yum! Yes, hungry hungry hungry!

  6. Hungry? Um, always. You should try those kabobs with quinoa to double up on the protein. :)

  7. Cucumber Feta Rolls? Uh, YUM!


  8. Yum....I am starving now! Cucumber feta rolls sound delish right now!

  9. I made the buffalo chicken and it was so messy, get ready! ;p

  10. Those kabobs and cucumber feta rolls look delicious.

  11. Cucumber feta rolls?!?! Yum! Yay for you eating healthy :) xoxo