Monday, May 7, 2012

My weekend (in pictures!)

Oh heyyyy. It's Monday and time to link up with Savanah & Ashlee for some weekend recaps!

This weekend I had a lot going on. Friday night, my littlest sister graduated from USF.
Littlest sis and her boyfriend
The ceremony got out late so we just went back to  the parentals for pizza and some of us did dinner the following night at a Japanese steakhouse (yes, very Cinco de Mayo-ish, lol).

During the day Saturday, I helped set up my last  wedding for the Spring. Cross Creek Ranch has a few more May weddings but then not another one until...September. Since its all outdoors, they don't have anything going on in the ridiculously hot months (and after working Saturday in that heat, I am glad to get a break from the sun!)

The bride & groom opted to play up the Cinco theme for their wedding. I initially thought, "I could never do that for a wedding!"...until I saw it all together. Ya'll, I am eating my words because this wedding was so beautiful. I've loved most all the weddings I have helped to set up this season, but I think this one is one of my top faves  (and why I have way more photos of this one to share).
These banners really made the stable! BUT they were tissue paper; I'd say if you ever use flags like this, don't use tissue paper outside. Other than that, they are gorgeous!

For eats, they had tapas and a fajita bar, margaritas and churros.
 I wish I was a guest at that wedding! LOL...

The flowers made the tables. Did I say I was in love with this wedding?!

...their florist used Patron bottles for the bar area. Loved!

After being deliriously hot and tired, Emilee and I decided to take our own photo with props!

After work, I hightailed it home to get ready for dinner with the fam. After eating (a gazillion carbs), littlest sister, her boyfriend and some friends came over for margaritas and games. It was a very chill "holiday" but considering how busy of a day it had been, I was glad to drink at home and no one had to drive. I had a great time (and I hope my friends did too?!).

I know Gigi loved all the attention she got!

Hiding under the coffee table after grabbing her toys. This is my life...

How was your weekend?



  1. I love that little tushy of hers!

  2. Gigi and I are BFFs now! And I'm pretty sure I had 1 (or 5) too many margaritas Saturday night.

  3. I love that wedding set up -- I've always been a fan of those mexican banners!

  4. Haha, we're cute. Love the new nlog design. I hope I don't have to wait until September to see you.

  5. Beautiful wedding! I love how they played up Cinco de Mayo in a classy way.

  6. Looks like a great weekend. The wedding decor is gorgeous! That place reminds me of the Lange Farm.

  7. Looks like a great weekend. The wedding decor is gorgeous! That place reminds me of the Lange Farm.

  8. That wedding is beautiful!!! :-) Congrats to your little sis, yay Bulls!

  9. Love the unique wedding! I wouldn't have necessarily thought to do it, but it turned out beautifully. It sounds like you had a great weekend overall! Sometimes drinking with friends at home is the way to go. No need for a DD!

  10. what a CUTE wedding theme!!! And so unique!

  11. Your dog is too cute! And I love how unique that wedding was! I agree that I never would have expected a cinco de mayo wedding to turn out so fab!