Thursday, May 10, 2012

So sad...

I am so dramatic sad! I know I have told ya'll how Jason & I met at an after work happy hour/friend's birthday at the Green Iguana (in St. Petersburg). This June will mark five years since I sat in his seat (randomly) and we started to talk...

We were  planning to go back to the St. Pete location (they have three or four more in Tampa Bay) on our five year anniversary (and stay at a hotel close by, off the water) but we just found out...they have CLOSED!

I am *so* bummed! We have been to the Green Iguana plenty of times since meeting, but had only been to "our" location twice: when we first met (duh) and on our on one year anniversary.

Now we will have to come up with a Plan B (I know, boo freaking hoo, right?).

Do you like to visit nostalgic places when celebrating or try new spots?


  1. Twin Peaks in San Francisco and The San Francisco Zoo are the only ones we purposely go back too. Hubs took me there are on our one month anniversary and then two years later he recreated the day and proposed to me.

  2. I get it and it is kinda sad when a special place closes. I got engaged at Frenchy's on Clearwater Beach and we go back for anniversaries and special "us" occasions (plus we LOVE the she crab soup).

  3. that is so sad that the place closed! I am so sentimental about things like that... I would be the same way. Good luck finding your plan B ;)

  4. that's sad :( we really don't have a place but that is a good idea!

  5. The movie theater where we had our first date was torn down. And the truck my hubby drove us around in our first weekend together caught fire a few days later...