Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I need a new phone

I've never been one who keeps a cool head when I'm driving. I'm not particularly proud of this fact about myself. I mean I'm not a road rage kinda gal, either. But if I don't know where I am going I usually have a panicky state of mind until I get to my destination.

Last night, I met up with Jen & Lauren. The "plan" was for me to meet at Jen's place and drive together. I gave myself over an hour to get where I needed to go. But if you live in Tampa, you know  going anywhere after 4pm is a pain in the...arse.

It took me forever to try and get to Jen's place. My blackberry died last week and I am reduced to the world's crappiest phone, ever. I mean I should just be happy I have a phone in general but it doesn't do ANYTHING. Like have a GPS so I could find an alternative route, yes?

So naturally the next most rational thing to do would be to call J and yell at him for not helping me to get a new phone, faster so that I couldn't find a new way to get to Jen's pad.

Sorry, babe. Thanks for letting me scream vent at the frustration of an antiquated phone. You're the best!

I think its time I got a new phone, huh?


  1. Oh man too funny! So glad seeing you both last night, hope you get a new phone too. I feel like that sometimes bc I don't have a GPS or navigation on my BB so I print out maps lame!