Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hope you have a fan{tache}tic Valentines Day!

Happy Love Day, ya'll! Yes, I love...well, love. And I have a great guy to spend the day with, too.


Over the top gestures aint  my guy's thang. Our first Vday was four years ago where he took me to Melting Pot and gave me a very generous Sbux gift card (which was a huge gesture because Jason has issues with this particular establishment), but he knew I loved coffee like it was crack (still do), and he also gave me this card too (even though he didn't get it b/c he doesn't watch)

 But fast forward 4+ years and now I say know the one you're with and appreciate the stuff you already have together and do. This year (our first married Valentines!) will be spent getting happy hour beers at Hattricks, downtown follwed by a Lightning game. Sunday I made a frozen pizza (compliments of a Klout perk for free) and chocolate fondue while we watched a movie (because I knew that would be something J would love most: a night in on the couch. My guy is way chill, ya'll)

{fondue at home}


I also say love the ones you have. I remember the single days. Feeling like you were all alone on this day. But you have your friends, family, pets...whatever  and you should love them and appreciate them today, as well! Because they're there for you ALL year round.

{sent these cards out. I apparently have a thing for 'staches?}
I gave our niece and nephew (the toddler ones) some candy, sent cards to friends and family and gave J some fun gifts:

{Modern Family, season 2 and Star Wars ish}

Happy Valentines Day!


  1. LOVED your Vday cards girl, thanks again <3 Have a great time tonight at the game ;-)

  2. Happy Valentine's Day!! Have fun at the game tonight!

  3. Wait- you probably totally already told me this, but I'm going to the game too now! My mom is sick so she can't go out with me like planned and Mike doesn't have to work like we thought! Where are you sitting?? We are getting pizza from Precinct Pizza and then trying to score from $25 student tickets! Maybe we can meet in there for a beer or something!

  4. Oh, and I got your v-day card, thank you!!!

  5. Love love love modern family!! Happy vday!!

  6. I'm such a Modern Family fan! I love how laid-back your Valentines Day was...sounds similar to our first married Valentines together too :)

  7. It sounds like you two had a really nice, low-key Valentine's Day. My hubby and I went to the Melting Pot for dinner this year, so it sounds like you've also had a similar V-Day experience!