Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Official

The spouse and I have merged bank accounts, ya'll...Why the heck would anyone else care about this, right? Welllll, as you know merging the funds has been a hot topic at Casa de Crews for months  now. One of the biggest things we fought talked about after we first got married, was merging everything. My lovely husband didn't see the need (if ain't broke, why fix it?) to do such a thing; whereas yours truly, did.

I actually posted about this when I first started this little ol' blog and everyone that commented had their own opinions...

Truth is:
We have some debt
Student Loans (well, I do anyway)
Car payments (hubs, not me (yippee!))
Plus the normal "ish" (rent, food, gas, etc)
Oh, and I'm losing my job come Jan 31st

I haven't discussed my master plan (I feel like I should have a mustache while I say, "master plan" but I digress) with J yet but I am determined to pay down what we can by merging our moola. I may have a slight issue with buying too much coffee and/or facial products. Hubs like those ginormous 7-11 cups of diet coke. He also pays a lot for moi when we go out so I know we're blowing funds that way, too. I think now we'll both have to be more accountable with how we spend our money (Jason, if you read this I'm so sure you're disagreeing with me. It's okay I still love yer face)...

How do you handle the money in your relationship, marriage, etc?!


  1. Merging bank accounts can always be stressful but you will figure it out :-) Love the new header!!

  2. Our accounts have been merged for awhile, it works great for us.

  3. We joined accounts too! I'll be honest, we got in little fights at first, but then you learn how to work together and make it work for both of you. I wouldn't do it any other way now!

  4. I have been listed on all of Hagin's accounts since we got married, but I didn't close out mine until I quit my last job (I didn't want to deal with the direct deposit paperwork. I'm so lazy!!) But now that they are all together it's easy to track our finances with Mint. But since we are trying to save so much now Hagin calls me questioning every purchase I make...

  5. J and I have a shared savings and seperate checking accounts. For us, right now, it's easier to keep things seperated, especially since he makes a good deal more than me and pays more household bills. I feel like if we shared accounts I'd criticize how he spends money too much and we'd fight. Maybe when we have kids though...

  6. We merged accounts when we bought a house. It became too big of an issue switching money around. We've both been very happy since doing so!

  7. Great post!!! We've talked about this a lot too... my hubby and I tend to split bills in half and keep our money separate... but we have joint accounts? if that makes any sense

  8. haha I seriously can picture someone in my head now saying "master plan" with a mustache...and he is very serious :)

  9. It's a big step but part of marriage...good luck! Oh and it's ok to splurge on yourself every now and then!