Saturday, December 3, 2011

We be broke (Meal Plannin')

Okay, so it's not like we can't pay our bills or anything, but money is a tad tight this month. We're still paying for our cruise that we're taking in March, hubs needs new tires, we're having a fab-u-lous party with our friends next weekend (ugly/tacky sweaters, ya'll!!) plus we are hosting Christmas Eve for my family this year as well (and we like to eat so can't skimp there). Oh and you know it's also Christmas, or something in a few weeks.

The only way to spend less is to eat in more. That is usually my goal each week but it doesn't take much for me to get derailed here. Guess what? When I don't have a plan, I spend more money and  I usually eat worse. And if I'm being honest here, I think my ass is growing. Sadly, not in a sex-ay J.Lo kinda way--no friends like I have indulged a bit too much lately and sat on said bottom more often, than not.

So I'm being that wife who makes a plan. And more specifically (another tackle at) a meal plan, chart, and list.

{First attempt at making a plan, chart, and grocery list for one week}

I'm hoping to kill two birds here, people: save some cashola and lose some poundage. That way I can afford a cute dress for the season with the money I (hopefully) save and fit into it better...

Here's hoping! How do you save money when things are tight (or 38 things come up at once?!)


  1. ::sigh:: I suck the big nut at healthy, and affordable, meal planning. I try, but I love pasta too much. You should talk to Krystal about Emealz. She signed up and basically, they email you a weekly meal plan which includes deals at Publix!

  2. Hi Nichole. Love your blog. I'm a new follower.

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  4. It may sound boring, but making my meals for a whole week has definitely saved us money. I make one meal for lunch and one for dinner. Lunch is definitely hard to eat healthy but if you already have the food, there's no excuse. You just put it in a tupperware and go. If that's too boring you could split the week and you would still be cooking less but saving money.

    Making a menu for the week is hard for me because then I may end up using only a little bit of an ingredient that will go bad and I end up throwing it away. Cooking in bulk is definitely easier.

    Also, I don't feel as guilty eating junk on the weekends because we've been good all week!

  5. Pinterest has been great inspiration for me trying to eat healthy on a budget. I pin so many recipes.

    On Tuesdays, when posts the Publix ad,I plan my menu for the next week along with my grocery list. I check to see what is on sale and then check my food pins to see what calls for those ingredients. If chicken, shrimp, or ground turkey is at a great price I stock up because we go through a lot of it.

    Good luck! I'm trying to remember to post more recipes that I make for cheap using Publix sale items that week look out for them.