Monday, December 5, 2011

Shauna E

Is my little sis!! She's the newest newlywed in our family and she blogs about foodz. She used to blog as The College Gastronome but since she has graduated college and is now a married lady, she's changed her name and I love it (still weird we both have different last names now, but I digress)! We love to cook (and eat) in our family but only my sister seems to know how to blog about it in a way that makes my mouth salivate...Go check her out and show some love, friends!!

{Sister's bachelorette weekend; I *think* we're singing? This is a pretty accurate picture of the entire weekend}

{MOH at my wedding in April}


  1. LOVE your blog, now following you back! I'll be sure to add your sis too. Awww the sisterly love (tear) ;-) Me and my sis are 7 years apart.

  2. Thanks for the blog-love, sister! Now that the wedding is over, I'm definitely planning to cook more, and in return, blog more! Planning on at least one recipe and one story/tips and techniques post a week.


  3. Hi Nichole!! .. Congratulations on your wedding!!.. Following you!!