Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The little things

It's been an off few weeks around here (more on that later) and I've been trying to focus on the little things that make me smile...
  • I'm happy that we are finally putting up our Christmas decorations tonight (mainly because we are throwing a party in four days, but whatev)!
  • I'm happy that afterward, we're going to get some .50 wings and watch the Bolts game
  • I'm really happy that I've followed the meal plan for this week so far (yea, I know it's only Tuesday) and we're going to get said cheap wings to stay on our track of saving money.
  • I'm happy I've gone to the gym every day this week so far (starting on Sunday) and doing a 5k tomorrow (walking it)
  • This blog makes me happy. It's a hobby I had no idea I would like doing, so much! Plus, I've "met" some really cool people through the blogosphere.
  • I'm be-yond happy Teen Mom 2 starts again tonight. Ya'll, I don't even care. I love reality tv and those kiddos are cute. Judge me.
  • I'm happy, always, for my awesome pals and crazy family (even if some of you tease me about my blog)
  • And I guess I'm happy for hubs and Gigi...at the current moment they're both looking at me and waiting for me to get the eff off of here so we can enjoy all the above stuff! (Just kidding, those two make my days, people. All day. Everyday)
{Like, how can you be in a bad mood with this face staring at you?!}

What little things are you happy for?


  1. I love your pic of Gigi with the oh-so-true caption. How could ya be mad looking at that cute face?? Glad you are enjoying the little things in life, cause sometimes they add up to equal big happiness!!

  2. yay for christmas decorations and my blog makes me super happy, too!! i'm urging myself to start putting more initiative and effort in so it's going to be something i really work at and yes, the friends+support is just awesome!! :D :D :D so glad to have stumbled upon your blog through bsn and cute doggie :D

  3. Looks like your off week isn't so off to me. ;-) Glass half full, not half empty! I listed a few things (and people) that make me happy already too!