Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

I don't know why but for me, it hasn't felt too much like Christmas, yet. Which blows, because I love this time of year. I think because A) we (still) have not finished putting out Christmas stuff up (long story, but should be done, tonight!) B) I have not bought one gift for anyone yet ::sad face:: C) I'm being sooooo good on my eating that I haven't indulged in the usual fun ish: candy, cookies, etc D) Um, we still haven't done our cards

But last night, the bestie and I (and a few friends) participated in a 5k Jingle Bell run at the St. Pete Pier(we walked it, our friends ran it) where Christmas music, lights, bells and all that jazz were abound and I got that cheesy warm Christmas tingle I get when the "spirit" strikes me...I so badly wanted to bring Gigi with, but ya'll it got friggin' cold last night and she shivers bad and I was so not dealing with that.

{smiles (and layers-thanks to a cold front) before the race...}
{Harley, our friends' dog, got half a mile before he called it quits. Can you blame him?!}
 Tonight, hubs and I *should* be able to get all our decorating done (we better, since our party is in two days!), Saturday a.m., we'll finally take our photo for our first Christmas cards as married peeps (nothing like waiting til' the last minute) and we'll wear our ugly sweaters with friends to celebrate the season (because you know, nothing says Christmas/Jesus' birthday like some tacky sweaters, right?)

So for me, finally with just 17 days left, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Have you gotten into the spirit yet?!


  1. Our tree is up, I bought a few things and shipped them for out-of-town family. My hubby and I are going shopping on Saturday for the kiddies (ha 20yr old in college, 18 yr in college and 17yr old jr in high school)We usually make a day of it, then have a romantic dinner. We have done this for the last 25yrs. We will get it all of shopping done. I have been reading at least one holiday book a week..which really helps get me in the mood as well. new follower.(blogaholics) stop by for coffee anytime and ck out my book reviews:

  2. Hello!! New follower =) Your blog is super cute! we got our tree up about a week ago and my kids have officially undecorated it =( I guess one of these years I'll have a fully decorated tree for the full month of December!! Lol


  3. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas card :) I just sent mine out today.

    I'm surprisingly on top of it this Christmas. Somehow I have already bought all my gifts and we are completely decorated. Usually I'm stressing for gifts to buy for Hagin because I have Christmas and his birthday back to back, but I've got his Christmas gifts now just waiting for a tablet to go on sale for his birthday!

  4. I admit that I haven't decorated. And I don't have a tree. I don't even have Christmas snacks. However, my cards are done and my presents are 98% done!

  5. I'm SO behind. No tree. No cards even bough. I've been so busy taking portraits for everyone elses Chritmas cards, I haven't had time to do my own.
    Blessings. Laura