Friday, December 2, 2011

Boob Tube Babble: So many questions?

Happy Friday, ya’ll! I’ve decided to link up with Neely & Ashley for a new post this week called Boob Tube Babble (I just started following these ladies and I l.o.v.e this link up!). Not gonna lie, I have an obsession with tv and it is bad. I also have some major questions for two shows this week:
Ringer…what the F is going on here?! My head is spinning…Okay, so recap: Charlie went buh-bye after making up his own rules; the real Siobhan came back to NY to take care of "business", Gemma was found and then just when you thought she'd be safe, she was killed. Juliet "claims" Mr. Carpenter and she did what you are not supposed to be doing with your teacher (I think she’s making the whole thing up)?! Oh and ya know, Bridget and Andrew are falling in love (of course Andrew thinks Bridge is Siobhan, anyway)?! And now we have to wait until January 10th for the next episode…? Gah!

Tori & Dean started back up. I love them and their little (growing) family. I have some questions:   
 1) I missed a few episodes last season and um, when did they get a pet goat? I’m lost on that
 2)Is it just me or did she already look preggars a while before she told Dean? She had some baggier tops on and so I wonder…
 3)I love how she told Dean they were expecting…if/when I get knocked up I may have to still that "announcement" for hubs…

Everything else I watch during the week: Desperate Housewives (I think I may be the last person who watches?), Grey’s, Private Practice, Revenge, Office, Parks & Rec, Whitney, Up all Night (told ya, ob-sessed) are all on hiatus until after the holidays, so now I have ample time to watch Friends re-runs and Christmas specials…



  1. i watched a couple episodes of ringer when it started but it got to be too wacky for my liking lol

    cute blog! thanks for visiting mine!

    happy friday!

  2. i never got into ringer or tori & dean...all of my shows (the thousands of them!) were reruns...but Friends isn't bad to rewatch over and over :)