Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Parties Galore!

This past weekend was in-sane! We were lucky enough to meet Baby H and see her ah-mazing parents, C & J on Friday after work. That should have been the only real thing on our agenda, but it was soooo not. We still had to clean and decorate our pad for our first Ugly Sweater Christmas party. Oh and you know, put that damn tree up! Hubs and I were up super late (side note: The movie, Friday, came on at like midnight and I learned my husband apparently knows the whole script because he was reciting the entire movie. Who knew?), but we got it all done.

We don’t have a huge place by any means (we rent an 1100sqft condo, people) but somehow we fit 23 people in there plus Gigi.

Twenty-three peeps in a smallish space means I wanted to get creative with something to do...you know, besides wear tacky sweaters and drink copious amounts of alcohol. Our studio booth at our wedding was a huge hit and I thought I would try and re-create one of our own! Now, my ghetto "homemade" backdrop was no where near as nice as the one from our wedding, but we had some great props (from here) and based on the photos, everyone had a good time.

{Sisters and our fabulously tacky sweaters}

{Some of my fave girlies}

{Bestie and I}

{more people I adore! And of course, Gigi was a h.i.t}

{Mistletoe in the middle. Hilar}

{reindeer games...?}

{Our first Chirstmas as a family!!}
I’m quite pleased with our little party and we’re hoping to make this our annual shindig for as long as we can! This weekend, some of our friends are throwing a Nightmare Before Christmas party to watch the flick and hang (can you believe I have never seen?!) and we have J’s company Christmas party too. Last year, I drank too much at said party (open bar), but we're hoping for the best this year. Oops.

What parties have you been to this season?


  1. I am in need of an ugly sweater party. Looks like fun!

  2. Looks like fun, i mite be having a new year party, so that could be something cool to do

  3. Fun! I hear ya on the drinking to much at company parties haha

  4. That is a really good idea!!!
    Hopping from BSN, Esmeralda @ sciencesosexy.blogspot.com

  5. Those lips are so fun! We have our first party on Sunday!

  6. this is such a good idea for a party... need to remember this!! =) xx