Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Recap (Fun with our Phones Monday!)

Happy Monday, ya'll! I am one exhausted kid...this weekend was busy, but awesome and I'm bummed it's over...I'm too lazy busy to write a real post today, but I really like this link up to give you all the jest. Link up and let us all know what you did this weekend, too!

Got to meet Baby H this weekend! Momma C and her husband flew in from MS for a short visit so their family and friends could meet her. Even though she cried when I held her (both times), I still love this baby to bits!

Krystal mailed me this fantastic voucher!! It was to Old Navy for ANY sweater, ANY women's pants and ANY winter accessory (gloves, scarf, hat, etc)

I opted for this basic cardi (can never have enough of these babies!)

Jeans (hell-o, did I mention they were FREE?!)

and this cute scarf!
Thanks again, girlie!

Got this tin of chocolate covered cashews at work from a partner we do business with. Since my cubie is the most centrally located, guess whose desk it was on? Uh-yea, but be p.r.o.u.d to know that I haven't had one friggin' piece. Thankyouverymuch!

 *Finally* got our tree up! Small but perfect for us
Threw our first Ugly Sweater Christmas Party this weekend. Since I'm not a baker, I got these pre cut/pre-decorated sugar cookies. They look kind of cheesy, but everyone ate them, so there ya go! I'm all about convenience when it comes to baking.

Hubs in his ugly "sweater"...

The party was a hit (more on that later) but we have some major leftovers...I think that's just an excuse for us to throw another party? What do you think?!

Yeesh! After dinner to meet the new baby, clothes I bought in addition to my free ish, and hosting the party with treats and booze; this is my bank account for the next few days...Told ya we were broke (side note: I like how there is a link to "save for your future" when I have less than a buck in there?) Such is life, sometimes!

How was your weekend?! What did you do?


  1. Hello my partner in BROKE-dom. I'm with you. I'm telling you - let me send you my E-Mealz. It will help! Meal planning based on what's on sale! Good stuffs. :) It has helped so much.

  2. HA HA HA HA! I'm so broke too! We were down to $25 last week, thank goodness I got paid though! :)

    Looks like you had a great weekend! So glad! Have a great monday! XOXO

  3. well you guys are doing pretty well with the freebies!!

  4. i just did my first FWOPM! I'm excited to do it now weekly! LOL

  5. we always have leftovers like that after we have people over and i'm sad to admit that our fridge has more alcohol than food! It's especially bad after football season!!