Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Update (fun with phones 12.19.11)

I feel like a very bad blogger, ya'll. I have been so busy this week with Christmas festivities that I haven't had time to post often! But I know you're busy too, right? And can forgive me for my lack of posts?

Went to the hubs office Christmas party Friday night. For the record, we're not drunk in these (first two) pics, but the flash on J's phone is in-sanely bright and we can't smile normal, I guess?

We didn't set out to match, but it did end up happening

Hit up our local malls and target this weekend (nothing like the last minute the weekend before Christmas, huh?) and found this skirt. I don't get the infatuation with Elf on the Shelf. I mean, it is kind of funny but he also creeps me out, for real. And apparently you can buy accessories for him, too?! Is it just me that finds him freaky? Honestly, people.

Remember how I said J didn't want anything for Christmas, but a LOTR marathon? Well he also said if I wanted to take the funds I budgeted for him and use it to donate toys instead, he'd be okay with that. So I did just that--kind of. I bought about $65 worth of goodies for kids to donate, and Gigi bought "daddy" a few things as well (small gifts, really. But he never said she couldn't buy him things so I found my loophole). It was hard to pick just a few toys, though. I wanted to keep going but had to stop myself. I hope some kiddos out there enjoy these gifts!

Yes, that is the prong outlet thingy to the lamp we have had in our bedroom. Take a guess who chewed that?

Did the Christmas thing w/ J's family yesterday. We ended up at our local zoo after dinner for a Winter Wonderland...the kids were ├╝ber tired and this was their photo with the Big Guy (and their mom)...Yeesh. They would not look at the camera and our nephew kept telling Santa he wanted a scooter but didn't understand he didn't get any toys right then. At least Santa was ready for his photo op...

We also went to our friends' party Saturday night but my phone (as you can see) takes terrible photos, so I didn't snap any good ones. But we def  had a good time.

How was your weekend? Link up and let me know!


  1. HAhaha the Santa picture is too funny! Loved that you donated some gifts! :D

  2. Oh wow, that outlet is pretty destroyed! I like Elf on a Shelf but I did not know you could get accessories for it. That is odd. lol

  3. I don't get Elf on the Shelf either! Maybe when I have kids it'll make more sense! haha