Friday, September 16, 2011

The (weight loss) journey continues...

As I have mentioned here before, hubs and I try and follow a low carb lifestyle. Some days, it is easy but other days, all I want is a friggin' piece of bread, or some pasta (or a beer). Before anyone starts jumping down my throat about doing the "no carb thing", please just don't. We do not not eat carbs, we just stay away from "bad" ones and try and get them primarily from veggies (which are good for you!)...

But I am no stranger to dieting, going through phases of working out and then stopping. I was about seventeen when I tried metabolife and drove my entire family insane with my mood swings on diet pills. I've also tried slim fast, medifast, Atkins, and Weight Watchers. And of course, logging my calories (though I became obsessed with how many calories I had and if I went over, I pretty much blew it for the rest of the day) but I was always hungry even when I did that.

I tried writing with the examiner for a bit; thinking if I publicly wrote about diet and exercise, I'd have to get my ass in check, right? Wrong...I had some fun writing for the site, but their guidelines started to become a little too much and the payout wasn't worth a ton and I was in school full time (and working) as well...Oh the excuses you can come up with when you want to, huh?

Then, there was my first attempt at a blog. Hoping for the same outcome as the paid writing, I thought if I blogged on a more personal level, I could motivate myself (and others?) to get it moving. Nope. Failed again.

Then, we got engaged, and that should have been all the motivation I needed, right? Wrong (again). But I did try fitness boot camp during this time and did start up on low carb again. I lost a little weight but nothing substantial. It doesn't help (but makes me feel great) that J is always supportive of me in whatever I do. Whether I lose the weight or stay a whale, he seems to love me just the same (not sure how I got so lucky, in the love department?) but I'm not happy with myself. And so the journey continues...

Before I met J, I had lost about 30lbs on medifast...then once we met, I got comfortable, ate out a lot, cooked a ton (isn’t the way to man’s heart through his stomach? By the way, who came up with that saying?! I’d like to see what they look like) and gained the 30lbs (+10) back, Oy. Is there anyone else out there who can relate? Once you're in a relationship, the healthy living goes out the window now that you're happy and all in lurve?

Now that we're married, I feel more responsible to get on track and lose weight. For a number of reasons! First and foremost our health. But also because now that we are hitched, I don't want to fall into the rut that a lot of married folks do and let themselves go. Plus, even though our wedding is over, we have like 4 (so far) weddings in the next year to attend and I don't want to be the heffer in a moo-moo because I couldn't find something cute to wear (okay, I think I'll always wear something more flattering than a moo moo but you get my point). And someday, when and if we have babies, I don't want to be a high risker because I'm already overweight...

So here we go again, kids. Any tips for how to stay motivated and what do you do to lose and/or maintain your weight?!


  1. My hubby and I always look to be a little bit healthier. He started the INSANITY workout and I stayed on for 30 days then left him for the couch. He continued to work out! He's doing so GREAT!

    Other than that we cut out soda, pizza, and beer (except on cheat days - of course).

    I'm a new follower! I also just started my blog on Sunday and I'm loving meeting new people!!!

  2. I'm new to the blogging world too and it's a lot of fun, right? Thanks for the feedback and follow :)

  3. Being healthier is the way to go. David and I motivate each other and are accountable to each other. It makes staying healthier a little bit easier to be.

    We've stopped eating carbs for the most part. Basically, it's only when we go out (luckily we don't go out to eat very often). I definitely feel better. And when I do eat something that's super carby, my stomach feels all bloated and weird.

    As for exercise, find an activity that you both enjoy and do it together. If there isn't anything, find something you enjoy and do it. Be it walking or biking. I'm not a gym person so finding something interesting is really important to me. Maybe you can start a group with your friends where you keep each other accoutable, Jason included..

    As you can see I have a lot of thoughts on this, but the above is my general feeling. =)