Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Expanding the fam?

Jason and I can be exact opposites in a lot of ways. I am pretty impulsive and quick to react whereas hubs is more of a thinker and needs time to make a decision. Some days, it's a great balance and I love it and other days, well….not so much.

We have been talking about getting a dog for months now. Actually, right before we got married, we went to a Rays spring training game at Brighthouse Fields and sat on the berm (P.S. March in the sun with a gazillion other people sitting on the lawn, was the worst idea. Ever) and there were so many adorable kids there hyped about the game that I looked over to my then-fiancĂ© and said, “I want one. Just one baby” Our friends and Jason all looked at me like I was certifiably insane. I get that. I mean I like my me time and we babysit the niece and nephew a lot so we feel like part time parents some days as it is, but just like my mom has pointed out—my eggs ain’t getting any younger. But I know we are truly not ready for a baby (but then I ask, is anyone ever really…”ready”?) so I then told J we either needed a baby…or a dog. Phew! I could see the color coming back into Jason’s face. A baby was not happening, but a dog he could handle.  

But again, the rusher that I am as really wanted a dog and actively had began to look. Jason was on board but hadn’t done much on his end so I kind of let it go for a bit (starting to get the hang of this wifey thang and am trying not to push an issue unless necessary because usually it all works out in the end anyway. I’m learning, people). We have talked numerous times about what kind of dog we’d like. Any small dog is fine by us. I have always wanted a Chihuahua and Jason had always wanted a miniature pinscher. But again, any small dog would do (we’d love a lab but not in an apartment)… 

A friend of ours, C, lives in a one bedroom apartment with two dogs right up the road from us. We don't see her too much, but she's fun to hang with. She is busy like the rest us though and she always would joke if we had a dog, we’d probably see her more because she goes to the dog park a lot. Well, C is having a hard time taking care of her two dogs at her place and asked us last night if we were still thinking about getting a dog because if so, she’d like us to think about taking her smaller pup, Gigi.

I didn’t even hesitate to write her back. There are so many “yes” factors here that I feel like this may be meant to be. Gigi is a chihuahua/min pin mix! H-e-l-l-o??? A combo breed of the dogs J and I wanted? Close to her first “mom” so they can still visit, helping a friend out and pup would be free?! I don't know how much I believe in signs, but how could this not be one?

Our “family” may be growing soon, folks! Keep ya'll posted


  1. Awww, I really hope you guys get her. =) Thats crazy that its a mix of the two doggies you want.

    Can't wait to see pics if you do get her!