Tuesday, August 16, 2011

We come together cuz opposites attract

Sorry, I couldn't help but bust out a cheesy Paula Abdul song. I promise it won't happen again.

In all honesty though, Jason and I couldn't be more opposite at times. Sure we share a lot of the same values, goals and ideas but in a lot of ways, we are very opposite. I tend to overthink react fast to situations and have a constant sense of urgency (sometimes this comes back to kick me in the keister) to get things done. Jason, on the other hand, well....doesn't. He is a very laid back and chill kind of guy and that usually is one of my most favorite things about him.

When Jason and I met, we both were pretty independent people. He had a roommate and I had just moved in with my little sister after living on my own for four or so years. I was happy to date a guy who knew how to feed himself, pay his own bills and do laundry. In some ways, I felt like I had won the boyfriend lotto!

J and I moved in together a few months after we got engaged and had a lot of wedding planning to do. I was also still in school, so had plenty of distractions. Now that the honeymoon is literally over, where do two "slightly" stubborn people who know how to take care of themselves go from here?
I am really wanting us to combine our paychecks/bank accounts and make more decisions together as a married couple. Nowadays obviously, most couples have already lived on their own and know how to take care of themselves and their own life, so does it really matter? But while I feel like we have to merge everything, Jason has the mentality, if it ain't broke, don't fix it...

I know every couple is different but for me, I feel like combining our finances will make both of us more accountable with our spending (I may have a slight addiction to all things coffee and Coach) and also help us to set more financial goals together.

So to all you married folk out there, what did you do once you said, "I do"?


  1. So, I'm not married yet but we had that discussion a few days ago. It depends on how much control you want the other to have of your money. 1 Keep it completely separate, then you'll be the only one with access with your money. 2 Get a joint account and put an amount each that you guys can access. 3 Have one account for both of you and you each have control of all the munnies. We opted for 2 and then down the road once we have more things under our name, we'll switch to the shared account.

  2. We combined and it's worked perfectly for us!

  3. We have both a joint account and an individual account, but mostly for accounting purposes. We use the joint account for daily life. It's just easier, and it really helped cement ourselves as a joint unit going forward.