Saturday, August 13, 2011

She's not getting any younger

After Jason and I were engaged, the first thing people asked was, "when is the big day?". It took us a while to figure that out but once our plans started to come together, the next natural question from just about       E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E was, "When are you all having babies?!"....Um, what? Can we get married first,   
puh-lease and thank you.

Now that we are hitched, it seems to be the only question from inquiring minds (and evidently there are quite a few that want to know). Here's the thing, I want a bunch of babies (or as many as we can reasonably afford, anyway) someday and at times, I feel soooo ready. And other days, not so much (particularly after we baby-sit Jason's toddler niece and nephew who are only thirteen months apart).

One of my very good friends is having a baby girl soon and she will be in town next month for her baby shower that I am helping to host. I made a comment to my mother (who by the way invited herself to this baby shower, oops) about how it will be so surreal to see her pregnant (she was six weeks preggo at our wedding so obviously she wasn't showing yet) and my mom said it will be like that when she sees me pregnant soon. Wait, hold on a second....soon? I told her I had some time here and wanted to wait until after my 29th birthday because I wanted to go to Vegas for my last birthday in my twenties. This prompted my loving husband to ask just what kind of twenty-ninth birthday was I planning to have. The kind that someone with children wouldn't have, duh.

My mother then informed that my eggs and I are both not getting any younger. Thanks for that, mom.

The thing is, I know that yesterday was now is probably the ideal time to get pregnant, physically. But that doesn't mean we are ready for all that comes with it. So until we (and no one else) are ready, it just isn't happening. Sorry, folks


  1. I completely understand. I got that from my parents all the time. People are just so quick to speed up your life schedule, especially your family. David's sister-in-law emailed him saying that Kaylee (his niece) wanted a little cousin.

  2. Mom is a riot. I am so glad you get all the baby pressure right now! <3

  3. I feel ya! I get the same thing from our family and we just aren't ready yet.

  4. And it doesn't stop...I constantly get asked when we're having a second!

  5. I looooooove your blog! It's so nice to see what happens in the happily ever after. I'm so sad that it's over. I loved helping with your wedding!!! Please keep it up.

  6. Ugggh, good to know the "pressure" apparently NEVER stops, LOL.

    Hi Emilee, good to see you here!