Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Everyday I'm Shuffling (Party Rock)

I can’t help it. Once a song gets in my head, it is in my head. I’ll sing it constantly and I usually sing it wrong, but I don’t care because sometimes, the rhythm is going to get you. Mainly Jason is my only victim when I get like this--but this weekend, it was my girlfriends.

We took a girls' trip to Orlando for a friend’s birthday. Bestie’s brother works at a Loews Hotel so she was able to get us a room at the Hard Rock at Universal in Orlando for a seriously good deal. We didn’t tell our birthday girl where we were going until we got there, so she didn’t have a clue (well she had a slight clue thanks to my slip up on the ride there, but hey Orlando is a big place, we could have been going anywhere) until we pulled up.

Surprise!! (Photo by Ami Hughes)
Our room was awesome and I was beyond ecstatic for the Keurig coffeemaker we had (yes, I am a nerd and a coffee junkie, I know it--move on). After we checked the room out (and had some coffee!), we relaxed a bit and then headed to The Kitchen for dinner. Since it was a birthday dinner, we went all out with the meal. I wasn’t entirely low carb but I didn’t go nuts either (thankyouverymuch!) and did have a salad for dinner to make up for the birthday dessert we shared later (and it was friggin’ worth it). Since it was a Universal Resort, some characters made an appearance. Bart Simpson (and later Homer) stopped by. I have to say I’m not a huge fan of drawing attention to myself, but it was fun. Bart was all over the birthday girl and I happily snapped photos while she got all the attention. Though just when I thought I was safe, in came Homer and we took a pic together (which you will not see because I was wearing bum clothes and no makeup). It was all in good fun though.



After our food coma, we got ready for GNO (Girls Night Out)! Showers were taken, makeup was applied and drinks were had (have to pre-game, kids) before we headed out for the night. Another awesome thing about the hotel was that there was a water taxi that took us from the hotel directly to CityWalk so no driving necessary!
Ready for GNO! (Photo by Ami)

Our first stop was Margaritaville for some tasty ‘ritas (and perhaps a shot). We sat in the lounge area, listened to some Jimmy and spent a gazillion dollars (or something like that) at the bar; it was fun.

After stop numero uno, we perused CityWalk to find our next jaunt. Pat O’Brien’s was having a Halfway to St. Patrick's Day party. The cover was $10 (plus tax? I would love to know who is carrying around change when they go to "da club"?!) There was a live band, a dj and a piano bar at Pat O’ Bs. We started at the bar just hanging, and goofing aroundIt was a chill time until...the dj played the song. You know, the one I had been singing non stop to my girlfriends all afternoon. That was it. We just had to dance (well, I know I did. I kind of dragged the girls to the dance floor at first, but it was all good). And dance, we did! For about an hour and a half, we danced our asses off (and then I felt okay with that dessert from earlier). Actually, it was a ton of fun and I’m so glad we got to go! We met some random people along the way (another story for another day) but it was a night I think we all needed.

Anyone have .65 I can borrow? Lame tax...

One night out was all we got, but I had a blast! As I get older, I know that I don't go out like the "old days" because well I'm a married lady now (and besides that just more responsible in general) and crazy debauchery is fun but even more fun when your husband is your partner in crime...but this weekend was awesome and I was so glad to hang with my lovely girlfriends.

Until the next GNO, I leave you with this weekend’s theme song (that everyone has heard and is über catchy. You know you know the words too, people!)

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  1. Love it!!!! Your girlfriend is so lucky to have you as her friend!