Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Recap

Wow! What a weekend. There was plenty of (food) shopping, celebrating, planning and...moving of furniture. I don't even know where to begin. I guess I should start at the beginning:

The baby shower co-host (mommy's bff) and I spent our Friday night at Sam's Club (we know how to party, don't you think?!). First, we hit up Smokey Bones for "fuel" before our shopping trip.  Can I just say that before Friday, I had not been to Sam's Club in about 10 years. I was in bulk heaven! Now, I will say there were some things I didn't think were that great of a deal, but this giant 6lb can of sauce (for meatballs) was $2.40!!! I mean, where else can you get a giant can o' tomato sauce for so cheap?!
I like a good deal!

After our shopping adventure, co-host and I headed back to my place where we unloaded the grub and opened a bottle of wine (white zin, 1.5L for less than $10 at Sams, o-kay!) and had a glass. It was about 10:30pm when all was said and done and needless to say, I was wiped! However, an old girlfriend from high school, invited me out to meet up a few weeks ago and even though it had been a long day, I did not want to bail on her (had not seen her in almost 2 years). So on to Applebees in Oldsmar, I went. I have to say that when I don't normally want to do something (usually, because I overextend myself and am pooped) is when I usually have the best time (does that ever happen to you?) and I was so very happy I went. Not only was I able to catch up with her, but another girl I went to high school with was there, too.  It was great to see them both and hopefully a meet up like this will happen sooner, rather than later!

With just a few hours sleep, I had to wake up early to meet the delivery man who was to bring the tables and chairs for the shower on Sunday. Because we rented the clubhouse at my complex, we had to wait until Sunday to get the key. The upside--the party would be super close to me. The down--we had to store 30 chairs, 2 banquet tables and 3 round 60" tables in the spare room/office/hub's man cave and then transport it all ourselves on Sunday for the party. Hubs also decided we should have people over to watch the Bulls game since it was the first college game and his Alma Mater. Normally I am all for people coming over, or us going somewhere to watch the game but I was exhausted and also had so much on my mind with the shower that I wasn't necessarily in an entertaining mood. But hubs and I are equals and just because I was stressed, doesn't mean he can't enjoy the game with our friends. And so, we set the grill up, put out extra chairs (we did have 30 extra chairs just lying around, after all) and the masses came. I should also point out that we have an 1150sqft condo so it got warm, fast once everyone started to arrive. Thirteen people came and almost all stayed for the entire game (and there was a rain delay so it went late). In the midst of all that, I had my very talented sister make cookies for the shower, Sunday. She is such a good sport and can't thank her enough for patiently making and decorating these tasty beauties!

Sugar Cookies with pink frosting & brown "H" for baby's name

An insanely busy, fun, emotional day! Since it was Labor Day weekend and a co-ed shower, we decided on a more casual spread with lots of grub. The day started with me up and at it early to cook, clean and organize everything. My bestie and the co-host arrived about 10am so we could finish the last details. Things were running smooth and I was ready to get in gear! Unfortunately, we had to lug all that furniture to the clubhouse, plus the food, favors, and decorations. The office was supposed to open at noon for us to pick up the key, but no one was there until...12:30! So while we are on time to start, losing a 1/2 hour was not at all, what we needed. We quickly unloaded and got to work. I had to run back to our place to get the last of the food and change. At the same time as the shower, hubs had a fantasy football draft at our place so as I was walking in hot, red faced and in a grubby clothes to 10 people who probably thought I looked like a mad woman! But there wasn't time for me to think about it. I had to shred pork and change and somehow fix my hair in 20 minutes. I somehow managed to get it all done (though my hair didn't turn out like I wanted, but I digress) and get to the shower....just in time.

The shower was a success and the mommy and daddy to be had a great time. I'll post photos and plans in my next blog. Tell me, how have you handled the stress of planning a party?


  1. Take a deep breath and tick off my to-do list with the things I have completed. I always feel satisfied and helps me keep going.

  2. sounds like so much fun. great post, love. Would love if you'd check out my tribute to Rachel Zoe in honor of tonight's premier. xoxo

  3. Glad you got everything done on time! Those cookies are too cute. =)

  4. The cookies were ah-mazing! I am working on my next post with way more pics :)