Thursday, September 8, 2011

Feather their Nest!

So for Sunday’s shower, co-host and I had decided we would "Feather the Nest"! Co-host found these beautiful photos on hostess blog, and from there, a theme was created. Unfortunately, our budget didn’t allow for a swanky bar with awesome blue chiavari chairs, so we settled for the clubhouse where I live and chairs that cost a buck to rent (we wanted the pretty white ones that were $3.50 a pop, but other than us who would think about the chairs that much? Or at least that was what I was hoping since I can be a control freak/worry wart about the details). The momma to be and her husband are unfortunately stationed in the middle of nowhere, Mississippi, until momma’s time with USAF is up so the shower was a co-ed one on Labor Day weekend (and Laboring was had; well for us hosts, hubs and bestie, anyway). That made the grub and games a little more relaxed since we didn’t want the guys there sniffing "dirty diapers" and measuring mom’s belly, lol.

We decided on pulled pork sliders (made by yours truly), meatballs, veggie tray, chips/dip and pasta salad. Since it was a long holiday weekend, we also opted for beer, water, iced tea and sangria (party planners need a break too, people). I had a girlfriend make her amazing cupcakes and she more than delivered with her display of snicker doodle and chocolate raspberry treats (my only regret is that I didn’t snag a second one for later) and as you know from my last post, had the little sister make these adorable cookies as a party favor. After the icing dried, I wrapped them in cellophane and ribbon that we bought at Michaels. Everyone kept saying they looked professional (hear that, sister? I still think you’ll end up baking for a living some day!) and they were delish, too.

Tweet, Tweet! (photos by Ami Hughes)

Amazingly delicious cupcakes!

Sangria (and fruit soaked in brandy...YUM) and Iced Tea
I could have just eaten the fruit all day!
Originally, we were going to do the centerpieces as bird cages filled with flowers, but found nests instead and co-host filled them with baby supplies which was super creative and also useful! Can you see the bird print tablecloth? Co-host picked that up from a fabric store- - so cute!

We also did a wish tree. Mom to be loved this idea. I had her send me some photos beforehand and we framed them and put them next to the tree .

"Welcome to the wishing tree...please make a wish for the mommy (and daddy!) to be"

The room that we had to decorate/host in had some weird angles, so we had to get a little creative! I fell in love with this banner on Etsy (side note: I wish I was a creative person, I would make a killing on Esty if I had the patience to bake, sew or be crafty in general). Originally I was going to order it to say "Nest" (since we were feathering/filling it and all) but for the same price, I ordered baby girl's name instead because mom to be can use it for the nursery if she wants (or even part of it, if she decides). There wasn't any real "spot" to put this banner but there was a random sofa table in the clubhouse so we displayed it there along with sister's cookies, bestie's diaper cake (!) and the pens we had ordered as favors (in pink/brown, naturally) Though I do have plans for that same table next month, for sister's bridal shower...

After everyone finished chowing down (and seconds were had. Made me feel proud to feed people (blame my Italian momma for that gene)), we played a few games. Again, nothing too frou-frou since it was co-ed and all. The first game we played was an easy Word document I googled and then printed off copies from. It asked mom to be what traits she wanted baby H to inherit from her and which traits from dad. I sent momma to be the questions and she filled them out and then we had everyone try and come up with the correct answers. It was actually a lot of fun. The other game we played, I just could not help. I wasn't sure if it would go over well or not, but it was hysterical! We had nine baby bottles filled with beer and had mom to be pick nine "volunteers" to chug said beer as fast as they could. It was seriously hard but everyone loved it. My fave part was when grandma to be (who does not drink) was picked to chug. She was a great sport but she definitely did not win!

Thinking Hard

Chug-a-lug, kids

Photos by Ami Hughes

I think it's safe to say a good time was had by all and I am so glad I was able to help host such a shower for someone I consider to be so fantastic (seriously, this girl lives in Mississippi and drove 11 hours just to come to Key West for my bachelorette party and then make the dirve six weeks later with her husband to be in my wedding?!) and who I know will be an amazing momma to Baby H! Her and I go way back (like watching Gilmore Girls on VHS) and I am super stoked for them!

Drive-by baby rub (better than a drive by shooting, obvs)


Momma to be when Baby H was only a "blueberry" (4/9/11)
Photos by: CSE Photography


  1. It came out so great =) Loved all the details, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for everything Nichole! You guys ALL did an amazing job and made the day extra special. :} You're good at that whole party planning thing ;)