Sunday, September 25, 2011


Last week I posted about hubs and I, maybe getting a furbaby of our very own. Even though wanting a dog was initially my idea, as soon as we met GiGi, I knew Jason made the decision right away. Hubs grew up having dogs and I did not. We had birds in my family so even though Gigi isn't a biggin', I wasn't about to pick her up all of a sudden or play with her (what if she bit me?! Nevermind that she's only 10lbs) the way Jason did. We told our friend, C, we'd love to give Gigi a new home, and so on Friday, Gigi became ours.

It has been quite the learning process so far (for me). I thought Gigi might cry when "C" left, but she did pretty well! She is def a lover and likes kisses and seems to like both hubs and I the same, which makes me happy because I was a little nervous she'd sense my slight fear, and not come near me. But she warmed up right away so getting to know her has been easy and has eased any doubts I had. She is used to getting up at 4:30am to go out and  to eat so these last two nights/mornings have been something else. Last night she cried every hour on the hour until hubs took her on the couch and then she passed out in his lap (what a trooper, my dude is). I also feel so bad crating her but I know we have to when we're gone (anyone have any tips on this?). She really is our baby now and I am loving every minute of it (well, minus the lack of sleep)!

Our "attack" dog?

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  1. what a cutie. yay for new pets! you're going to have a blast... be patient. : )