Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thanksgiving Place Cards

Today, I am over at Melissa Creates "attempting" to be crafty and share a fun Thanksgiving place setting you can easily do yourself if you're hosting this year.

Last year, I clogged the kitchen sink with potato peels and almost legit had a heart attack over such a thing. So why not add to my list of stresses and craft something while I am at it, right? But if I couldn't  do it easily, I wouldn't share with someone as crafty, and sweet as Melissa, so there you go.

Head over to Melissa Creates and see for yourself. XOXO, Nichole

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  1. That's way cute and doesn't look stress-inducing at all. Except for me. My handwriting is ugly so I would write each tag ten times, minimum :)

  2. Thanks for guest posting! I adore you, sweet lady. ;)

  3. So cute!!! I love fun place-holders!

  4. Those are adorable :) I think even I can handle that ;)

  5. Love this idea! So simple but classy at the same time :)