Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Yelp’s Zoo Boo at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo #TLPZooBoo

Saturday, I attended Lowry Park's Zoo Boo event, thanks to a Yelp Elite event. Look, if I am being completely honest, I am a h.u.g.e. scaredy cat! Huge, ya'll. The last time I attended Zoo Boo, was six years ago after Jason and I had started to date, and we brought my brother; I walked out of one of the haunted houses.

But sometimes there is nothing to fear but fear, itself! This time around, while I did squeeze the heck out of my sister's hand, it wasn't scary at all. This was definitely a family friendly event, and while I don't have little ones yet, this is something I know my nieces and nephew would enjoy.

So, back to the whole Yelp thang. I have posted about past elite events in the past, and they are always a good time! Know that you have to continue being an active reviewer to get into these fun events, otherwise you may get wait-listed. And I love that. Being elite isn't based on tenure, but on activity. The events are so worth it!

We started the evening at 6:30 at Reilly's Reserve, where we were served both seasonal brews, and eats. On the menu were fried pumpkin raviolis with chai dipping sauce, creamy tomato bisque with grilled cheese croutons, and shepherd’s pie in mini cauldrons. I wanted ALL the pumpkin  raviolis they offered, but since I figured that may be frowned upon, I had five. I loved the mini grilled cheese croutons and tomato bisque as well! I'm not a huge shepherd's pie fan, but I love the presentation in a mini cauldron. Sadly, after filling up on a pear, and also pumpkin cider, I never made it to try an actual sweets, but heard they were tasty, as well.

The above drinks were our groups "collection", not just mine ;)

While munching and drinking, Jason, the marketing manager of Lowry Park Zoo talked to us a bit about Zoo Boo. He wanted to preface that they aren't trying to be like other Halloween attractions in the area, such as Busch Gardens, or Universal Studios, in Orlando. He mentioned that they are a family friendly attraction and want all to enjoy this event, and don't do the whole gore and blood scene. This twenty-nine year old "kid", was more than okay with that!

After we were sufficiently stuffed, off to the haunted houses, and attractions we went!

The houses were all in my opinion very elaborate and design oriented! But as for scare, I had nothing to fear but fear, itself! If I had little ones I would totally have brought them to Zoo Boo! It was a fun time and there were loads of activities for "kids" of all ages.

For more info on prices, and dates visit their page, here.

Thanks to Lowry Park, and Yelp for another great event!

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  1. Looks like such a fun event for Halloween :-)

  2. i love ACE! But am such a chicken when it comes to haunted houses... I would never go in one... ever.

  3. Looks like you guys had a blast! I live so close to LPZ and have never been to ZooBoo!

  4. When we lived in NC they had all these haunted trails and let me tell you I screamed my head off haha. I'm a huge chicken, the last time I went to a haunted my husband was deployed and I went with a friend. Horrible idea haha.