Monday, October 28, 2013

A six year old carves a better pumpkin...

The last time I carved a pumpkin, I was maybe eight? At least that I can why I thought it would be "fun" for Jason and I to start a tradition this  Halloween, is beyond me. I got the bright idea to gut a pumpkin after seeing a Facebook photo of the Tampa Bay Humane Society advertising their pumpkin patch, and since we adopted Oskar from there, I am a sucker for any support I can help with. Coincidentally, when buying said pumpkins from animal shelter, don't go in to the adoption will want ALL the dogs.

So anyways, back to these pumpkins. Jason and I each picked one out and decided to have date night at home Saturday evening. We watched Scream while carving. If you didn't already know, I hate horror films! But cheesy horror was a thing in middle school, at sleepovers, so unfortunately I had seen Scream, before. I had forgotten how unscary it was, and actually watching it while carving turned out to be fun. A lot of fun, actually.

His and Hers

I then had the bright idea, that I'd attempt domestic goddess status at Casa de Crews, and roast pumpkin seeds. I followed the directions {found here} and while they looked fine, they tasted weird. I think roasted pumpkin seeds may be an acquired taste? Do you eat them? If so, how do you prepare?

In the end, we had a great time attempting to carve together. The good news is I have a whole year to try and perfect my carving skills. Ha ha.

How was your weekend?!

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  1. I carved pumpkins this weekend too (great mind)!

  2. I love roasted pumpkin seeds. I just salt them up and roast with a bit of olive oil.

    We need to carve our pumpkin. I don't think I've done one in eons.

  3. It's so fun carving pumpkins and I think yours looks awesome! :)

  4. I think we're skipping carving pumpkins this year but yours are cute :-)

  5. Love the date night in carving pumpkins! That is a tradition at our house :)
    ps I'm moving to Tampa next year. I'll have to get some tips and fun to-dos :)

    New follower from weekend link up.

  6. i roasted pumpkin seeds a few years ago and it was same thing - looked good and tasted bad. and this year i carved my pumpkin and four days later it ROTTED! i was so mad! yours looks cute!