Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend 7/29/13

For every slow weekend we have at our casa, we have two busy ones that follow. This weekend, was no exception.  But first things, first -- my latest tv addiction.

Somehow, between Thursday-Sunday, I watched eleven of the thirteen episodes in season one. The fact that I had a headache and took a mental day off of work Friday, probably helped my tv cause.

  • Since I was home Friday, I started my morning with the baybees, and I think they rather enjoyed it. How can I convince Jason that I am just destined to be a stay at home dog-mom? 
  • After getting the headache to somewhat subside, I met husband at Panera for his lunch hour where I devoured the above sammie, my new summer favorite.
  • Then treated myself to a little shopping at Sephora for some much needed makeup.
  • I made more of my chicken alfredo flatbread for dinner, while we watched Sharknato with my siblings and Jason drank the summer semester away. I did not have any drinks, but while watching this flick, I almost felt drunk, myself. It was so bad, it was almost good. I said, almost.

  • Saturday, Jason and I stayed overnight at the Hilton Garden Inn in Ybor {pronounced e-bor, for my non Tampa friends}, so that we could responsibly enjoy Jennifer's BIG day. It was such a beautiful wedding, and a great time! We ended up at James Joyce after, for one more drink or two before passing out in bed. 
  • The night included lots of great food, an open bar {hence the selfie in the bathroom. oy}, a surprise food truck with BBQ, my husband dancing Gangham Style, and then a photo with some creepy comic guys back at the hotel. Apparently not only was there a halfway to Gasparilla party going on in Ybor, but a comic convention, as well. So naturally the last photo was required.

Sunday morning, we had breakfast with some of the other wedding guests, and then saw The Wolverine before picking Gigi and Oskar up from the parentals.

How was your weekend?!


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  1. I started orange is the new black yesterday! LOve love love this show, only on the 2nd show thought.

  2. We had a wedding Saturday too. I drank everything in sight and I think I'm still hungover today.

  3. That flatbread looks really good! Who stars in that Netflix show? I saw the previews for it, but haven't checked it out yet...

  4. I'm hooked on Orange is the New Black! SO good!

  5. Jenn's wedding looked sooo fun!! Loved your dress too :-) I stayed at that hotel before for ym bff's wedding many years ago, loved it :-)

  6. I have such a bad habit of binge watching tv shows. I've recently become addicted to The Glades on Netflix. My dad already watched all of the seasons last week I believe, so I was texting him from my apartment as the "who-dunits?" were revealed :) Haha. I will have to give Orange is the New Black a try although I'll admit that the commercials, while funny, freaked me out a bit.

    And you watched The Wolverine? Was it good? I am obsessed with X-men. Anna Paquin's Rogue is one of my favorites of the bunch and I can't wait for the new movie to come out next year!

  7. OK, that chicken alfredo flat bread looks absolutely to die for. I keep hearing so much about "orange is the new black" I hate I don't have Netflix!!! I saw you on the link up! :)