Sunday, June 9, 2013

It's all Greek to me

I love Greek food. Any chance I have to eat it, and I am there. The first time I had a gyro {which I naturally mispronounced, but I digress} was about eight or nine years ago at a place near our local Blockbuster, and Albertson's in Palm Harbor, Florida. Since then, the Albertson's and Blockbuster are no longer there, but that yummy little Greek spot still remains.

At the time, no one I knew had ever really had Greek food the way my family and I regularly enjoyed it. I would rave about the gyro {pronounced "yee-row"}, chicken souvlaki {skewers of grilled, marinated chicken}, or spanakopita {spinach pie}; most people had NO clue what I was talking about.  Fast forward so many years and that little place near my mom and dad's house,  has grown and branched out with many locations. Nowadays, most people know about this Greek chain and love their meals as much as my family and I do.

Lamb Souvlaki, another fave of mine. Lunch a few week's ago.

Spinach Pie

Chicken Souvlaki

Little Greek Restaurant opened its doors on June 1, 2004, at 320 East Lake Road in Palm Harbor, Fla., and began a loyal relationship with restaurant guests. Since then, they have grown and expanded to many neighborhoods--including a Westchase locale that is closer to me than the original one. This makes my heart and belly quite happy.

Last week, I received an invite from Carlos {} and Nick Vojnovic, President of Little Greek Restaurant, through the Tampa Bay Bloggers to a Blogger Party to kick off Little Greek's nine year anniversary. I was so excited to go. When I say my family and I have dined at Little Greek for years, I mean it. We love their food! Unfortunately for me, I was sick and unable to go at the last minute. But had to share their current anniversary offer, anyway.

To celebrate their 9th Anniversary, Little Greek Restaurant is offering one of their favorite combo meals for $6.99. During the week of June 9-15, 2013, customers may choose either a traditional gyro or chicken pita, each served with Signature Hand-Cut Fries and a Drink.

To see a local place we frequent so often, continue to grow is always a thought that brings a smile to my face. Make sure to take an advantage of Little Greek's offer. I am sure you won't be disappointed. And while you are at it, order a piece of baklava to go.

What is your favorite Greek meal?


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*all professional photos courtesy of Little Greek Restaurants


  1. That all looks awesome, I love greek food too! :-)

  2. i can't do lamb...i just can't. but that spinach pie looks interesting but like something that i would like! we have one small Greek place and someday we will hopefully go there!

  3. I like the Greek food I've eaten. But I must say that I don't frequent our Greek food place too often. Maybe I'll go sometime this month. The pics you posted look yummy

  4. this made me drool. I've grown up eating Greek food my whole life since I AM Greek lol, but it literally never gets old for me. that's the main reason I love holidays with my family; all the amazing food!

    - Val @

  5. I love living here with access to the Greek food! We've been eating it for years since we lived overseas, but having it in our backyard is awesome. My fav is definitely the Gyro and a Greek salad!

  6. That tasting was so fun! I went back and used my coupon today for a free pita. Delish!