Monday, June 10, 2013


glut•ton•y (ˈglʌt n i) n. excessive eating and drinking. That pretty sums up my weekend. It wasn't intentional but it sure was a great weekend.


Presidente margarita for happy hour.

A friend's birthday at the Seminole Hard Rock; I put twenty in the slot machine, lost eight bucks, won one hundred twenty and then finally cashed OUT at $100.08. That is THE most I have ever won, not that I play often. I was a happy girl.

After a late night out, we were starved! And since Taco Bus, wasn't going to be an option, a quick stop to consume one of the best Cuban's in Tampa, was a must. La Teresita: a hole in the wall Cuban joint. We don't go for the decor, but good LORD is their food good. That sammich may have also doubled as breakfast on Saturday. Don't hate.



Another birthday celebration! Wine for the birthday girl {the bow makes it classy, obviously}.

Wishing the Birthday Girl a Happy Birthday and then enjoying one of my faves; a red velvet cupcake. Plus a ton of food Lane made {bbq pork, pasta salad,...} and quite a few drinks. It was a very chill and fun time.

I think their dog is ridiculously cute. This photo makes it seem like he hates me though, "Get out of my face, lady". I still like him, whatever.


mango margarita

Florida living.
I was exhausted from all the gorging and boozing celebrating this weekend, but then at the last minute, Jennifer asked me if I wanted to grab a quick lunch at Whiskey Joe's. Sometimes impromptu is the best. Plus, you can't beat the view!

This jam packed weekend was a complete opposite of last weekend, but it's all about balance I suppose.

How was your weekend?



  1. That dog's face lol

    The drinks look yummy! I ate WAY too much candy this weekend. I woke up with a sugar hangover headache. It just seems like we never learn, right?

  2. Ahh look at Finny's face, too cute! He's probably thinking mom I'm over this party, can everyone leave my house now. That sangria was deadly. The end!

  3. Mango margaritas are always a good idea! Great job at the casino, that's certainly better than I've ever done!

  4. What an awesome weekend! That rita, mmm and Lane's cupcakes look amazing for her bday love it!

  5. Mine was also packed with gluttony! I'm happy to be off today doing nothing.

  6. That salad looked delicious! It could also be because it is almost my lunch time and I am starving. That puppy's face is priceless.

  7. What an AWESOME weekend. I''m jealous! I was gluttonous on Satuday, but definitely paid for it on Sunday lol.

  8. Boomer always tries to come closer to me when I take a pic! Look at those drinks, love!