Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A photo dump

Oh hey. I didn't mean to take such a break from blogging but between the bachelorette trip I went on last {last} week, work and then one last weekend with the mister before he starts the summer semester , which is class four nights a week, I felt like there was zero time to sit and blog or relax, really.

So first up, Jennifer's bachelorette cruise! Six girls, two rooms, a lot of drinks, fun and sun. It was great! I had only ever cruised with Jason and while I missed him by night two {of a three day trip, mind you. I have some issues}, it was nice to have a girls night, three nights in a row.
Bride to be and BINGO

I highly recommend Carnival's martini tasting. $17 for four very generous samples...

This past weekend, Jason and I drove to Orlando for a day and a half for some Disney fun! I had wanted to surprise Jason with a trip to Hollywood Studios for Star Wars Weekends, but since I am not a huge Star Wars junkie fan, he didn't want to go and have to explain things to me. Ha ha. So we went to DisneyQuest instead; five levels of games: arcade games, interactive, virtual reality, sports games, you name it, they had it. It was fun! The Crews' haven't had a fun impromptu weekend like that in ages, and  honestly it was bey-ond needed. Every now and again, its is really good to put yourselves first. It is also necessary.

Jason said he felt like a little kid at the arcade, who needed to call his mom to pick him up from the arcade. Haha.

Found a Chuy's in Orlando; sooo many bloggers have raved about  Chuy's and this was the first one I have been to

Monday, we spent the day with family, grilling out, drinking sangria and celebrating my sister's birthday. I don't love that it is back to reality, but after ten days of fun chaos, I am somewhat ready for a routine again.

Cupcakes for sister. Recipe, here




  1. Cruising AND Disney? So jealous.

    MFD is a Star Wars loon.

  2. You're making me thirsty for a cocktail! I think I only managed to have one drink or so on our cruise.

    I saw that Royal Caribbean fiasco on the news this morning...where'd you sail into and out of?? Did you run into them??

  3. So much fun! Glad you've had so much fun lately!

  4. HOW FUN! Looks like you had an amazing trip. I would have gone for the food and drinks alone.

  5. I'm jealous, this all sounds so fun! glad you've had a great last week-and-a-half :-)

    - Val @ KnotTiedDown.com

  6. MMMM Chuy's. Looks like you had such a great time -- love your "Sassy" cup!

    1. Do you have a Chuy's near you?! We don't have any in Tampa so when we found one in Orlando, I had to go!

  7. I wanted to check out Crackel Barrel when I was in Arizona because of all the bloggers bragging lol but the husband would not stop! He was on a mission lol Anyway you are so right about impromptu weekends! The husband & I just booked Vegas yesterday for this weekend! Can't wait :)

  8. The cruise looked amazing, especially all those drinks, mmm :-)