Monday, March 18, 2013

I mustache you a question...

Anything to do with mustaches makes me laugh. My bachelorette weekend, two years ago, my sisters' and bestie bought fun mustaches just cause' and they were fun to goof around with especially after a few shots.


This weekend, we celebrated a friend's bridal shower and some girls went out the night before said shower for delicious Mexican at Casa Tina and drinks after at Dunedin House of Beer. The night was a blast! It had been ages since I went out like that sans husband and just goofed off. Sadly, it also has been ages since I had to drive myself and so that meant I had to be a responsible girl and drink less that everyone else...but still a great time was had {even if I was exhausted the next day}.

Saturday, we celebrated the bride to be! Her friends threw a fabulous shower and I loved all their details. 

After the shower, I hightailed it home to get ready to see the Lightning play. Can I tell you that I love hockey?! May I also tell you that when the "cheap" seats are now thirty seven bucks a ticket, I get really sad when we lose? Thank the LORD, we won!


Then I came home to discover that the final season of Weeds was on Netflix.I can't even express my joy at this recent discovery...

Sunday was spent meal planning, lunching with the in-laws to celebrate Jason's birthday and cooking for the week. I was a tad bummed that I didn't have time to go drink green beer with friends and act a foo' hang, so I did the next best thing:

{Light Beer of your choice + green food dye = St. Patrick's fun at home}
Oh and cleaning my dishwasher Sunday night, cra-zzzy, right? Actually if you ever find yourself needing to do such boring, adult tasks like this, I suggest this site. It helped me immensely when cleaning our disguising machine.



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  1. Sounds like a great weekend, Nichole! Well everything except for the dishwasher cleaning ;) boo, to that but at least you got it out of the way xo

  2. this is crazy...I also made "homemade" green beer this weekend, AND cleaned my dishwasher! clearly, the fun never ends around here hahaha.

    - Val @