Wednesday, March 13, 2013

birthdays and anniversaries!

Thirty-ish years ago today, this guy was born:
{how could I not have baby fever?!}

{my kool-aid dude, the first Halloween we were a couple}

Three years ago today, we were engaged!

Jason coerced a girlfriend of mine into making me think she and I were planning a surprise party for our respective dudes {whom had the same birthdays}. Little did I know that the plan was to get all our friends and family together so that Jason could ask me to be his wife, before entering a room with thirty of our closest friends and family to celebrate. 
At the end of that day, the real surprise was on ME.

{stunned. yes our friend was recording it and looks like a creeper}
Hubs and I both took the day off today to hang. I have no clue what we're doing {I left that up to the birthday boy}, 
but the fact that neither of us have work or school today, makes this day a win, already.

Last year, I was unemployed and uber clingy and so as a "gift" to Jason, I left him alone all night 
and went to my parents with the dog, so he could play video games and enjoy these, alone. 

Today, I gave him this "cake" and a birthday breakfast:


I'm starting to see a trend here...?

Happy Birthday to the best guy I know. 
Thank you for asking me to marry you, thanks for putting up with my neurosis, 
and thanks for always being mine.

Better is the day standing by your side.

Your Wife {and the world's most needy of dowgs}

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  2. Happy Birthday Jason!! And happy engagement anniversary! John likes Miller lite too.

  3. That is absolutely sweet. What a great engagement story. Happy birthday to your hubby.

  4. Happy birthday!! I'd love that cake...made out of Mich Ultra!! :)

    1. Hehe, that'd be my perfect "cake", too.

  5. Happy birthday to Jason!! What a great story about your engagement, I can't believe he surprised you like that! I love the birthday cake you made him, too. I need to steal that for Pete's birthday.

  6. Happy birthday, Jason! And happy engagement anniversary!