Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Happy Hump Day!! Tomorrow is my Friday {I have named Friday, Zac Brown Band day {more on that later}} and I am bey-ond ready. I feel like quite the insta-hoe' lately, posting like it is my j.o.b. and so what better way to share my week in photos, that with this fun link up?!

Prepped lots of food these last few weeks:

Last week, we decided to have an impromptu mid-week happy hour at The Pub. They have some awesome happy hour specials {not including my cider, but I love Strongbow, so I had to have!}

Will you be my Valentine
  • I sent Jason an "invite"  last week to have dinner at our house, super cheesy but he liked it. Then I got sick, so we're doing it this weekend. It's cool. 
  • Treats for the pups for Valentine's Day
  • Lots of balloons throughout our office

Tried my hand at another painting last night with Simply Art Studios. Twas' fun!


  1. I love all the balloons at your office!! So cute and festive. My office just goes overboard for Christmas, that's it. Haha.

  2. Your painting came out awesome!! Loving all your food & drink pics I mean they make me hungry & thirsty butttt ;-)

  3. Love your instagram snapshots! All the food look amazing!

    Best Jasmin

  4. Your post just officially made me hungry!! Those foods look amazing!

    Thank you for linking up girlie!

  5. Great pictures!! Just so you know, The Pub often offers happy hour specials for their combination/layered drinks. My favorite is the Snakebite, which is 1/2 Strongbow and 1/2 Harp. It sounds weird but it's delish!! Give it a try if they ever have them on special. :)