Monday, February 18, 2013

Eats for the week

I find that I am someone that needs a routine during the work week. I also have discovered that while I need a routine, sometimes it bores me to death. Last week I was spot on with my meal planning, but the week got way busy and I didn't get to the gym once (but surprisingly, stayed within my calorie budget so I'm still happy} and had something going on every night, Monday-Friday and now feel run down. Not surprisingly,  I feel sick again. Awesome. I had a feeling whatever ish I had a few weeks ago, may come back if I didn't take it easy. womp womp.

The local meat market I mentioned the other day, Cacciatore Bros, had another  week of $1.99/lb chicken breasts for a 10lb bag and so I stocked up this weekend {um, we still have 3-4 in the freezer as we speak but, I needed to load up!} again and plan to make some more creative chicken dishes {or I may die of boredom if I make more salads, but I digress {also, these are real first world problems, I do realize I am being dramatic}} this week.

Source: circle-b-kitchen via Nichole C on Pinterest

Source: BevCooks via Nichole C on Pinterest
Okay, okay. One  salad {I mean they're so easy for lunches for work}. My sister made this for me and the bestie last week, and ever since I have been c.r.a.v.i.n.g. this salad.

{recipe found here}
So even though, it sometimes feels like a pain in the ass to prep for the week, I do feel better planning ahead. Now, if I could just feel better!

What are you making this week?



  1. That last salad looks so amazing!!

  2. yummm this all looks really good! I actually got a head start on this week's cooking yesterday afternoon. I tried this garlic brown sugar chicken recipe. SUPER easy, but haven't tried it yet to know if it's good or not!

    - Val @

  3. They all look so yummy! I've been trying out new meals, too. It's fun to switch it up!