Monday, November 19, 2012

That time I hosted Thanksgiving

I cooked my first bird, ya'll! It was a success {if I do say so myself}. I cleaned, organized, and shopped until I dropped pretty much for the last six days. I'm wiped. But my first Thanksgiving is over. I can successfully say, I pulled it off.

...except for the fact that I clogged the kitchen sink. With potato peels. And Jason had to attempt to unclog it while the turkey cooked and the sides were only half done. I almost had a freakin' panic attack because things stopped running smoothly. Like I legit almost had a break down. Minor details, right?

So let's recap

The Good:
I really liked my simple fall decor. I don't like too over the top and I got all my linens, decorations for under $50.00. Cha-ching.

I know that I can successfully cook a bird. I forgot to snap photos, however because honestly at that point I was so flustered over the effing sink that a pic was the last thing on my mind. Now I wish I could show you all my glorious bird ::sigh::

I scored this sweet turkey platter for ten bucks {marked down from $25} and a gravy boat for $3.00. Three dollars! Also, can someone tell me who gets this excited over marked down porcelain?! Evidently, I do.

I spent $105.00 on a dinner for eight. That is $13.12/person! And we have tons of leftovers so not much cooking this half week for me, woo-hoo!

I got to see my niece and nephew. We used to babysit them very regularly but after some family drama and not having the time to help as much as before, I miss my monsters as they get SO big. They melt my heart...

The Bad:
We still have a clogged sink. We rent a condo, so our maintenance guy will have to come out tomorrow. I've got a dishwasher and sink full of dirty ish, but not much I can do about it, until tomorrow {at least the rest of the house is spotless}.

I'm pooped! How do people do this every year?!

All in all, it was a good meal. And my mother in law really appreciated it and that meant a lot to me (as far as MIL's go, I somehow hit the jackpot) because she is one busy lady and I liked being able to take one thing off of her {literal} plate. Next year, I'll make someone else bring the potatoes ;-)

...AND because I couldn't help it, we bought Oskar this super fancy tuxedo shirt for a party we're throwing next month. But since Oskar is SO dapper, he had to wear; it was  Thanksgiving after all



  1. Oskar looks super fancy! I'm glad everything went (mostly) well :)

  2. Wow congrats on your first turkey!! That's something I've still never done....someday. Someday. Haha.

  3. I love playing hostess so I enjoyed reading this post!

    I love the table setting with the floating votive.

    Happy Thanksgiving! (early I know...)

    1. Thanks! Decorating was my FAVE part!