Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Livin' La Vida...

Sunday, we attended yet another ah-mazing Yelp event! I think I have blogged enough about Yelp for you all to know that well, Yelp is awesome. Their most recent event, Livin' La Vida Local, at Datz in South Tampa, was no exception. I ran into bloggy friends {new and old} and had a great evening.

I am a Yelp Elite, which means I review restaurants {grocery stores, salons, anywhere I go...}, and I review often. Being Elite also means you get invited to more events than the average yelper out there. But what I loved about the most recent event was that it was open to all local Tampa yelpers, no matter your "status".

I had been to Datz once before for breakfast and the food was delish! It was packed and I didn't get to sample it all but did try most everything...

---Passed Hors D'oeuvres---
BBQ Short Rib Bunny Chow w/ white cheddar popcorn sauce
Mini Kobe Meatloaf w/ zesty tomatoes-brown sugar glaze
Open Faced Mini Reubens
Pulled Pork Sliders
Hummus Shooters

---Action Station---
Chicken n' Waffle Bar
Flatbread Pizzas

My fave eats were the pork sliders and margherita flatbreads. I was super excited for the chicken n' waffle cone, but was a little disappointed as the chicken to cone ratio was a little off, but still found this concept awesome! The kobe meatloaf bites were pretty tasty, too. I want to make mini meatloaves for people, now.

I did try the vodka bacon bloody mary and while I either love or hate a bloody mary (depending on where it is from) this one was delish! A little too spicy for me and with all the other flavors going on, I didn't finish it but if that's a regular brunch drink, I would SO order it another time. I loved the mulled cider martini, best! The winter white cosmo was a tad too sweet for me, but very wintery and for that I was impressed.
{Emilee said she likes to drink her bacon...}
Throughout the week, Datz and Yelp Tampa Bay were running a Twitter contest daily to win dinner for two and/or drinks. There was a grand prize, to win last night. Yours truly won two free drinks thanks to my tweet, "shots shots shots shots shots shots; shots of HUMMUS?!". I know, I can't believe I was a runner up with that, but I dug deep for that tweet!


Live music was provided by the band, Phase 5, and they were great! I enjoyed their covers and there was never a dull between songs.

I've been to Busch Gardens for free, Outback to try a new bar menu/small plates concept and now Datz for an incredible night, I'm telling you folks; Yelp away. I always rely on reviews (and blog posts?) before trying just about anywhere and once I knew I could get also be rewarded for reviewing myself, well you'd be silly not to join Yelp yourself.


Come find me on Yelp and let's be friends, here!



  1. i'm so jealous you get to go to these events! i would love to review restaurants!

    oh and I nominated you for an award today on the ol blog :)


  2. I totally need to jump on the Yelp train. The waffle cone idea looks cool!