Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My First Thanksgiving {OHP!}

Do you all realize we are only two weeks (and one day) away from Thanksgiving? Thanksgiving is actually my fave holiday; mainly because it's the kick off season to the holidays in general and I love that.

This year, I am hosting my first Thanksgiving dinner for the in-laws. On the mister's side, we actually celebrate turkey day the Sunday before so that the day of, we're not all running to two or three different dinners. Its actually a genius idea, I think! But since J and I have been married eighteen or so months now, I figured it was time to step up my turkey game, ya'll. I've never made a turkey but I do know how to decorate! I'm planning of course to decorate on a budget, which involves some creativity, but I am pretty excited about hosting! Get back with me in ten days and I may change my mind, however.

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{clearly I have a thing for mason jars?}

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....and my favorite blog for parties has some beautiful table settings!

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  1. Cooking a turkey is so much easier than it seems! Alton Brown from Food Network has from great tips on how to make the perfect bird! :)

  2. I love those candle/water tea lights. So cute.

  3. Love everything! Your Thanksgiving will be wonderful and I'm sure the in-laws will be impressed.

  4. That tablescape is beautiful and I'm sure you will do a wonderful job. btw- I started blogging again (no longer simply kelly, but now Miss. MP hope you stop by.

  5. Love it all, you will do a fantastic job hosting :)

  6. Love all your thanksgiving pins! I need to start looking at recipes to see what I'm going to make!

  7. i envy you...i could never take on thanksgiving. unless i could make spaghetti :) can't wait to hear about your day!

  8. nice pins! love the table arrangement!