Saturday, November 10, 2012


Textbooks, that is! While I was attending St. Petersburg College, I seriously would get annoyed at how much a textbook for one class ran me {and then would get even more upset when I went to "sell" said book back and the campus bookstore would only pay me eight bucks, but I digress}. Towards the end of my experience, I did come to realize I could buy and/or sell used books online at various sights, which pleased me a lot more than my previous "method" for textbook purchases!

Fast forward two years, and now you can even rent your textbooks. What a great concept! I wish something like this had been around when I was still in college {or if it was around, that I had known about it}.

Enter Campus Book Rentals. With average savings of 40-90% off of bookstore prices, I wish that I had known about this savvy service, when I was a student! And as I recall, most of the time I paid for shipping when busying used books online, but with Campus Book Rentals, you receive free shipping.

So you can rent textbooks, receive free shipping and not be out a ton of money! You're now in college, be smart kids; save your loot for more important things.

Now that the hubs is in law school, we're seeing how expensive textbooks are all over again. I've told him about this site, and he will be looking into Campus Book Rentals next semester for sure! One book I found for him was a lot less to rent for the semester than what he spent to buy, Torts by Edward Kionka.

If you're in school, or thinking about going back make sure to check out Campus Book Rentals! You won't be disappointed.

*I was compensated for this post, but this really is a great service!



  1. Ugh, textbooks ARE expensive! I love this idea of renting textbooks :)

    I remember some stores near my university allowed you to sell back your textbook but it was mostly at rip-off prices. It was better to sell online instead of going through a 3rd party.

  2. found your blog through Jen!

    I am a fellow suncoast blogger too:):) so excited to follow along with you !