Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Office

Today is the last  first episode of my all time fave comedy shows, The Office. Truth is, ever since Steve Carell, aka Michael Scott, left it hasn't been quite as good. But that doesn't mean I still didn't love the show! I still think one of my favorite episodes is when Michael burned his foot while making bacon, in bed. That's funny stuff folks...

...and Jim & Pam. Who else was dying when they finally got together?! I know I was, and their wedding made me tear up. I love them.
Will Dwight and Angela ever get together, again? When J and I first started dating, he would bring the first two seasons over on dvd and we'd lay in my bed and watch tv. Hearing the opening credits always reminds me of the beginning of us and who doesn't love the beginning of a new relationship? For that reason alone, The Office will always (always!) hold a special place in my heart... Are you a fan of The Office? Tell me your fave episode... XOXO, Nichole


  1. I love the Office too! Seasons 2 & 3 are my absolute favorite. It's definitely not as good/funny as it used to be, but it's still a great show.

  2. I love the episode when they have a fire drill and the girl takes her cat out of her filing cabinet. Great show!

  3. Oh man, my friends and I were all "Office"-obsessed in college. The days leading up to the show were all, "Ugh, I hate this week, can it be Thursday already?" and then after it was all, "OMG, did you see 'The Office' last night?" Sometimes we'd text each other during the show.

    Sigh. The good ol' days. I pretty much stopped watching when Michael Scott left the show, but I feel I must watch the last season to see it through to the end.

    And I LOVED Jim and Pam's wedding! I still have it saved on DVR. :-)

  4. Okay... I used to LOVE this show. I kind of lost interest when Pam and Jim got married... and I recently have been home on my butt every day so I thought I'd start watching the show again from the beginning... but I couldn't even get through the third episode! Was it always this awkward?! LOL I used to think it was soooo funny!

  5. I love The Office! One of my favorite episodes is the episode where Michael proposes to Holly. I love the prank Jim pulls on Dwight with the "magic beans." I also love the Jim/Pam wedding.