Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I have a confession to make: I have been a negative nancy Nichole, recently. And that’s not the entire confession I suppose, but rather that I have NO reason to have been such a asshole downer, lately.

I mean, yes we all have our good and bad days (don’t we?) but for the most part, my life is pretty great. I’m not trying to toot my own horn, but really my life for me is wonderful. Our bills are more than paid (in my single days, I made a lot less and had a lot more debt/bills of my own), I love the heck out that husband of mine. Even though I was unemployed for four months, I had a regular paycheck coming in every two weeks as a nice lil’ severance. I took a part time gig setting up weddings. I have THE best pup in the world (I may be biased) and a ton of friends from all walks of life and a family who I would do anything for (even if we piss each other off)...
I have no idea where the negativity has come from. I don’t think I have always been this way and I think unless you really, really know me you don’t always see this side of me.
But I’m a whiner, a complainer, a downer, at times. I don’t mean to be, it just…happened. For whatever reason, I don’t fully ever relax any more. I worry, stress, complain about…most things. And lately, I have allowed those who are selfish, hurtful or negative around me, affect my mood. And those people aren't worthy of such control, either.
This new job is good and bad. What I mean is that it is pretty challenging and I haven’t been challenged by a job in…five or six years, maybe? Last week was my first week alone and away from the safety that is training; you know where you’re slightly coddled and feel safe and warm? And while it was information overload, it wasn’t terrible. But I bitched and moaned almost about my commute. Now that that awful drive is over, I miss that classroom environment.
Now, that I have an awesome freaking commute (eleven minutes each way!! I’ve timed six days now and no matter how many lights I hit or don’t, it is still eleven minutes. Ah-mazing), I have stressed about the job. I mean like came home, had some adult bevvy’s every.night and wanted to cry. I don’t like not knowing everything immediately and having to still figure it all out. 
But boo freaking hoo. Life goes on…There is absolutely NO reason for me to have been so down lately ::knock on wood:: I/we don’t have any real issues in our life. Sure there is every day stress but any and all drama in my life is because of me and me alone.
I mean, there are people out there with legit issues in their lives. There are folks out there that can’t feed their kids, pay their bills , etc etc…
Things have gotta change around here. Only I can change it, and I am starting it, now!
Have you ever had an extended case of the crabbies for no reason? How did you get out of your funk?



  1. I think we all have those times. I know I do. I get really cranky. I don't want to do anything of being around people b/c when we do they usually tick me off, lol. Im sure it wont last!

  2. We all go through it. Not really sure how I get out of it. I think I just make a conscious effort to try and change my attitude. Hope you get out of your funk ASAP!

  3. Yes I get the extended crabbis all the time. You aren't alone. You just have a lot going on right now so it is part of dealing with it all. Don't let it get you down!

  4. Been there for sure..and it's hard to break the habit of negative thoughts even when things are going well. My recommendation is everytime you think a negative comment try to focus on something positive. soon those positive comments will outweigh the negativity!

    Good luck!

  5. I think we have all been there before! Take some time for you and decompress. Take a afternoon after work and go for a nice walk. Take a pad and paper and write down all the things that are stressing you out and then burn them. It will help. I've done it!

  6. I feel just like this today! I'm glad I'm not alone. It's hard because I just want to be by myself at times when I know I'm feeling crabby and I need alone time and I have co-workers coming in who just want to "chat" or I get 800 things on my plate and start to feel like I can't get anything accomplished :/

  7. After the first couple of weeks of my job I was the same way. I was so stressed out because I felt like I SHOULD KNOW everything that I am doing, exactly the way I should be doing it. But there is this little thing called a learning curve! haha As long as you put your best foot forward everything will start to work out and your mood will get so much better! And just think... football season is almost here! (That's what gets me through the day.)

  8. I can totally relate. It's easy to get on the negative train. Sometimes I just have to b*tch slap myself and knock it out of me :-).

  9. Sorry girl, hoping you get over the "crabbies" soon lol too funny love that word :) Sorry I know that wasn't any help!

  10. Change is stressful.... that could be the reason for the crabbies. I think job changes ranks on one of the top ten life stresses, if I remember correctly.

    Hope it gets better soon! I say you treat yourself to something fun - a new purse, a pedicure, Starbucks. Something!

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  12. You and I should be friends.
    My husband often says, "There is no reason in the world for you not to be happy", but that funk never really goes away. Truthfully, I wasn't like this until we came to Alaska, and I know (I KNOW) the weather has a lot to do with it. So we take trips to the lower 48, and I still am stressed and crabby. I don't know if it's because I know all of our worldly possessions are here, even while we're there, or what. The last time I was in PA, I spent a lot of time worrying about our truck that was parked at the Anchorage airport awaiting my return and thinking the battery would die before I got back.
    I mean, I got exactly what I wanted out of my early 20s. A wonderful husband (who spends much time deployed) and a great job (in Alaska). I just got it in a completely backasswards way, ya know?
    (I do believe that a new purse makes this feeling temporarily go away :)

  13. Lately this has been me too, and I really enjoyed reading your post as I can totally relate to almost all of it. I hate my negativity!! I think that for me, the best way to get out of my funk has been to just vent about it by writing how I feel out that way I am still getting all that negative energy out. I have also started to take more "ME" time. I am going to the gym and refusing to let my negative thoughts run my mind by trying to focus on the positive-- like getting into skinny jeans and buying new stilletos! Hang in there though the smoke clears eventually and solid ground is within reach!

  14. awwww hope you're feeling better after typing all this out and getting some sweet comments! :-]

  15. I was the EXACT same way when I got a new position at work a few months ago. I didn't think it would be much harder than my old job, but there was DEFINITELY a learning curve and it got so frustrating! just know that things will get better every day, and no one expects you to know everything yet, you're still new! :-)