Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Grub: Party Edition

Happy freaking Hump Day!

I am hosting a fun lil' jewelery party next weekend (Lia Sophia to be exact!) and am starting to plan my menu. Its after lunch time but of course I will need some fun party foods, anyway. I mean a bunch of chickies together for a Sunday afternoon, will require some fun eats to soak up the drinks we may consume ;) I'm just sayin...

...Now on to the food porn:

Source: via Nichole C on Pinterest

Source: via Robyn Glazner on

Source: via  Nichole C on Pinterest

Source: via Mrs. T on Pinterest

I love simple foods like this bruschetta-y dish above but do see this one below?!

My mind is blown...Holy COW

Source: via Nichole C on Pinterest

Source: via Jeri Landheer on

....and last but not least:

Source: via Patricia Campbell on

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  1. It all looks delish! I love appetizers.

  2. Yumm...can we move the party up to now?? : )

  3. Oh my... looks yummy.

  4. I would go to this party just for the awesome menu! :-)

  5. Yummm those are look so yummy!

  6. Aghhh! Reminder to self not to read your blog right before lunch! These snacks look amazing! :)

  7. Oh, can I come to your party? I want to eat that food! Yummo!

  8. YUM! My stomach just started to growl looking at all these! :) PS. I nominated you for the Liebster blog award! :)

  9. you can never go wrong with food porn!

    have a lovely weekend :)

  10. Guacamole bruschetta? That looks ah-mazing. I want it in my mouth.